05 Nov 2013
November 5, 2013

We have arrived!

Welcome to Luxenc.com, the new website for Lots of Luxe. We feel a great sense of accomplishment and hope you’ll find the information here of interest, entertaining, and helpful for your shopping needs and others you may be shopping for. Web-ShotYou will also be able to find helpful hints on fabric care, fashion trends, latest and greatest health articles, as well as what the ladies of Luxe are up to.

Navigating the site is intended to be simple and easy. If you are interested in our Doncaster for Women Collection we have a separate box at the bottom of the Home page for Doncaster and the same for J. Hilburn for Men. If you are a man looking at our J. Hilburn information you just might want to hop over and see what we have of interest in our Doncaster section especially when it comes to gift-giving time and vice versa for women of Doncaster. So when you’re surfing Luxenc.com do not overlook up-to-date happenings in both product sections.

The blogs we post will primarily be gender neutral in an effort to appeal to both women and men. Sometimes the blog may be more pertinent to one sex than the other. Either way we hope you’ll find the blogs enjoyable.

You will want to bookmark Luxenc.com so you can click and easily find out about our upcoming Doncaster showings, any events and workshops we have coming up, and of course promotions or incentives that may be going on.

Booking appointments for our Doncaster Shows and J. HIlburn can be accomplished on our website as well. Everything you need and would like to know can now be found in one location.

Welcome to Luxenc.com!

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