19 Jan 2014
January 19, 2014

Putting on a Happy Face

Most of the time, Marcia and I are pretty much smiling & laughing, even when there may not be much to smile about … i.e. slow sales, receiving more no’s than yeses when booking appointments for our shows, learning of a friend or family member’s recent terminal diagnosis, the list can go on.  But both of our personalities are not the kind where we stay down for long … we “put on our happy face” and we laugh, A LOT!  Good medicine as everyone knows.  We laugh and smile so much we gave ourselves the nickname  “Lucy and Ethel.”  That just about sums us up. Lucy-Ethel

It’s you our clients that make us smile and we thank you.  The best part of our Lots of Luxe business is the people we meet and the relationships we form.  You are the best and you make us proud.  When we say we “dress the best with the best” it’s true.  We have the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting, philanthropic, intelligent men and women in the Triangle and boy will that put a smile on your face.

We strive to make you happy and feel good about yourself, so in keeping with our mission, we decided to freshen up our studio and give it a new happy face lift.  We hope you’ll come and check out the fresh new face of our Lots of Luxe Studio.  We work for YOU!  YOU need to come and see US.  We make sure you leave with nothing but a smile on your face, a song in your heart and a Spring (2014 Doncaster or J. Hilburn) in your step.

See who’s shopping with us?  You can be too.

James & Florence Peacock, Chapel Hill Town Treasures. Read more.

IBM Exec., Donny Haye at the Rose Bowl sporting her Doncaster leather jacket.


We had such a fun time freshening up the Lots of Luxe Studio … Come have a look!


Here’s to YOU, our Lots of Lucks clients … Cheers!


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