03 Mar 2014
March 3, 2014

Change is good! A Fresh Face on Fashion…

At one time or another you have probably told someone that “change is a good thing” or someone has told you that.  Well, I have made a change in my Lots of Luxe agency that I feel is a very “good change.”

How did this “change” occur?  As you know, I have sold the Doncaster line of women’s clothing for 10 years in the Chapel Hill and RTP area.  Recently, I was approached by Carlisle-ETCETERA, LLC, and asked if I would consider representing both of these product lines:  Carlisle | Per Se and ETCETERA.   After much due diligence and talking with the appropriate persons in the company, along with my Lots of Luxe team, I decided to switch my clothing/accessories product line for women from Doncaster to Carlisle | Per Se and ETCETERA.  I have loved representing Doncaster but like I said… “change is good.”

You loved Doncaster, you will love Carlisle | Per Se and ETCETERA just as much, if not more.  Both are luxury lines of women’s clothing and accessories, sold via trunk showings, same as Doncaster.  Nothing has changed in that respect.  Carlisle | Per Se and ETCETERA collections will be shown during separate trunk shows with each line being sold by private appointment over a 10 day period.

I have seen the Carlisle|Per Se and ETCETERA collections in person and they provide everything you like in a garment and more.  Finest fabrics from the finest mills, dressmaker detailing, designers that keep product on trend and respectful, lots of mixing and matching, etc.   You’ll love it I promise!  I would not be selling a product that I felt was anything less than what you have come to expect and one that I don’t have confidence and pride in representing.  That would be a poor business decision.  Carlisle | Per Se and ETCETERA are owned by the same company, Tom James, but are sold as separate lines.

Selling both Carlisle | Per Se and ETCETERA lines, will allow me to offer my clients a wider price point range and a broader range of lifestyle options.  Additionally, we will be able to appeal to a wider age range.

As you may or may not know, Lissa Jensen has been selling Carlisle | Per Se and ETCETERA for approximately 10 years in the Chapel Hill area.  Lissa and her associates will now be joining my Lots of Luxe agency and we are both excited about the opportunity for us to join forces and offer two highly respected luxury lines of women’s apparel.  Lissa will concentrate primarily on selling Carlisle | Per Se, but she’ll continue to service her ETCETERA clients.  I will sell both Carlisle | Per Se and ETCETERA lines.

Lots of Luxe will continue to provide you with the Finest Fabrics | Fabulous Fit | Superior Service.

Don’t worry if you’ve shopped Carlisle  |Per Se or ETCETERA with Lissa and Doncaster with me.  It’s all about you the client; therefore, don’t fret over “who do I go to now, Lissa or Melrose?”  Not a problem.  We’ll make sure of that.

Mark that calendar:

  • Carlisle | Per Se spring-summer collections  April 4th – April 14th
  • ETCETERA spring-summer collections – April 18th – April 28th

Pre-appoint now and enter our drawing for a $100 gift certificate! 

Forever improving for you the client….YES, change is good!


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