23 Mar 2014
March 23, 2014

Here comes the sun!!


Here comes the sun…..’ya think?  If you’re like me, you’re sure hoping so.  Way too much gloomy wintry weather for this southern girl and I bet for the majority of you.

In great anticipation for sunny days ahead, I went to look for some new sunglasses recently.  Not only had my optometrist adjusted my eyeglass prescription, but a couple of young adults, whose names will not be mentioned, told me my current glasses were outdated.  So off I go looking for some chichi glasses.  Of course I couldn’t remember what my friend and image consultant had said about the shape of my face, the position of my eyes, colors, and on and on.  So in an effort to find the most flattering, fun, and fashionable sunglasses, I started reading.  Here’s an article I found helpful when I was determining the shape of my face.

Knowing the shape of your face is also important when deciding on pieces of jewelry, hats, etc. in order to accent your positive facial features and hide the negatives.  Hope you’ll find his article from Kate, co-founder and CEO of designer glasses and virtual try-on site DITTO, helpful…..bring on the sun!


When it comes to choosing the right glasses for you, factors like face shape and feature sizes need to be taken into consideration. But identifying your face shape can be challenging, so we turned to Kate, co-founder and CEO of designer glasses and virtual try-on site DITTO, for her secrets to finding the perfect fit. To start off, Kate suggests grabbing a mirror or a straight-on picture of your face. “Imagine 3 pairs of dots: the first on either side of the forehead, the second on either side of the cheekbones close to the level of the eyes, and the third at the jaw line at the level of the mouth,” she says. “Then, compare the distance between the dots at each level to figure out your face shape.” Dots in place, here are the best tips for your face’s shape:


Think you have an oval face shape? Here’s an easy way to tell: Kate says you know you’re oval if, “the dots on your cheekbones are furthest apart and the dots on your forehead and jaw line are about equally shaped.” Lucky for you, this means you can pull off just about any style – just don’t forget about proportions. Frames should be slightly wider than the broadest part of your face, but no bigger.


Kate says that you can tell you have an oblong face shape if, “the widths of the dots are roughly equal, and your face is longer than it is wide.” If this sounds like you, then you’re in good company (think: Megan Fox, Kelly Rowland, and Liv Tyler). Pro tip: oblongs searching for glasses should choose frames with longer vertical dimensions and rounder shapes.


Round face shapes can be identified if the dots on your forehead and jawline are slightly narrower than the cheekbones. Kate says that for round faces, the “width and length of the face are roughly equal.” To make your face appear longer and thinner, Kate suggests, “frames that are wider than they are deep.” Avoid exaggerated round or square frames as these can both emphasize roundness.


Square faces are similar to oblong faces, but Kate has a tip for differentiating the two: “the dots for a square face are roughly equal widths, but the width and height of the face are nearly equal.”

If you have a square face, then you’ll want to soften the angles by wearing glasses that are oval or have curved corners – and don’t forget to make sure they’re wider than they are long.


Haven’t figured out your face shape yet? Don’t fret, maybe you’re a base down triangle. Kate says you’ll know for sure if the “dots on your forehead are closest together and increase in width down the length of the face.” Another good sign is that “your forehead is narrow while your cheeks are jaw line are broader.” With a base down triangle face, you’ll look awesome in a trendy pair of cat-eye shaped frames. Darker colors or bolder frames are also a good choice, as they’ll balance out a larger chin.


This shape is the opposite of the base down triangle, and is more commonly referred to as heart-shaped. For this shape, Kate says “your cheekbones will be higher and the face will narrow toward the chin.” She suggests people with base up triangle faces go for frame styles that angle outward at the bottom – like aviators or some retro styles; they’re longer vertically and will help balance your forehead.


Diamonds are also similar to ovals. Kate says that the difference is “the dots on your forehead and jaw line are narrower.” She explains that, “your face may appear more angular and your cheekbones may be a bit higher.” Diamond-shaped faces can wear frames similar to base down triangles. Frames that are heavier on top look best, or that have light color and weight. Kate also suggests avoiding “frames that are wider than the cheekbones, or those that have a straight top and curved bottom.”

Thanks for all the helpful tips, Kate! To shop for designer glasses and test out how they look on your face shape, check out DITTO.

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