28 Jan 2015
January 28, 2015

Runway InVESTment Piece

From Nicole Busch, Carlisle Stylist

Ever wonder where TRENDS come from?

Who decides what’s hot and what’s not? Do you see a trend and wonder HOW am I suppose to wear it? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, fear not, I have the answer for you…or at least for how to wear that trend: the SLEEVELESS VEST.

First of all, quit thinking of it as a fashion oxymoron, and start thinking of it as an inVESTment piece (pun intended). This menswear- inspired trend will carry you from spring to winter. Aside from the 4-seasons benefit, it actually creates structure and works on many body types. Not sold on the trend yet? No worries, let me explain how to wear this look and see if you change your mind.

How to wear the sleeveless jacket:

  • Over a short-sleeve shirt or dress. Use this to create a longer leaner silhouette.
  • Transition to fall or winter by wearing it over a luxurious knit. This contrast between the two adds personality and dimension to your entire outfit.
  • Layer under a coat in the winter. Serves a dual purpose. It will keep you warm and you will make a fashion statement. Why follow the crowd when you can stand out!
  • Use as a wardrobe update. Think of it as a cardigan. If you don’t like to bare your arms, simply add a shirt underneath. I personally love the look of a silk blouse under vests.
  • Transition from day to night. Pair with a structured skirt and professional blouse during the day and for evening wear strappy heels, your favorite Carlisle | Per Se or ETCetera jeans, and carry an exotic snakeskin bag

The sleeveless VEST…this year’s MUST HAVE PIECE!

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