09 Sep 2015
September 9, 2015

Which Body Shape are you? – Part One






Strawberry-shaped ladies have a figure that’s bigger up top than their bottom half, either because of broad shoulders and/or big bust in relation to their waist and hips. Broad shoulders or bigger bust can make you look top heavy, but there are a few simple ways to soften your shape! The least popular body shape is the strawberry shaped body.
Top Half:
  • Choose fashion for a bigger bust like V-necks (draws the eye down) and wrap tops –tops or dresses with ruching at the waist &/or along your sides work well for you as does wrap tops and dresses.
  • Solid colors (preferably darker colors) are the best on top.
  • Avoid large prints, pockets, puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, epaulettes, fluid material, and chunky knits. Aim for clean un-cluttered tops and dresses. All of these will make you look top heavy or like an ice cream cone – horrors!
  • Knitwear is your friend versus blouses with plackets that can gape open.   Just remember no chunky knits- ie. Cable knits
  • You want to “open up” your chest (break up the massive bust). Show more skin…that’s why scooped necks & V-necks are the best for you.
  • Because strawberry-shaped ladies usually have a “tiny” waist or at least a narrow-appearing waist, you should accent your silhouette. Enjoy belts!
  • Avoid heavy scarves or necklaces.
 Bottom half:
  • A-line, tulip, or fuller skirts should live in your closet. Again, you want to draw the eye down and balance out your top.
  • Avoid Pencil (narrow skirt) or pegged skirts (a skirt with a narrower circumference at the hemline than at hipline). Straight skirts are neutral for most every shape.
  • Pants that are slim through the hips and thighs or straight leg pants will show off your silhouette AND boot cut, flared, and wide-leg pants offset your “top heaviness.” No tapered leg pants!
  • Don’t be afraid of bright color on your bottom half or statement shoes. They draw the eye down instead of up to your chest/shoulders.
 Coming up next week… THE PEAR SHAPE BODY.

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