28 Jun 2016
June 28, 2016


SMILE DON’T RUN – Master the Art of Being Photogenic | Melrose W. Fisher | June 28, 2016

It seems everyone has a camera these days. With the camera comes the dreaded spontaneous picture taking and then the unlimited places the photos end up, Facebook, Instagram, text message, and the like. Here are some basic tips and techniques you can put in the back of your mind and pull out when someone yells “picture time” at those summer family reunions, weddings, and vacations.


  • Gently stretch your jaw or forehead forward and tilt your head down just a little eliminating any double-chin appearance and giving your jawline definition.
  • Turn and tilt your head a little.
  • Drop the shoulder opposite the direction you turned your head. Turn head right; drop left shoulder.


  • Avoid frontal shots. Stand diagonally.
  • Lean a little forward.
  • Place front leg and foot out a little while putting weight on your back leg.
  • Twist a little and
  • Watch those arms. Separate the arms away from your body by bending your arm and putting your hand on your hip. Take the other arm and put behind you. If you’re short-waisted, place a hand on your thigh.


  • Avoid wide-open eyes by raising your lower eyelids a little creating a modified squinch. A take on squinting except it’s much more relaxed, and you’re only moving your bottom eyelids.


  • Always try to be situated below the camera. Avoid looking down at a camera. Having camera angled above your chin elongates and slims.
  • Don’t suck your stomach in and hold your breath. Engage your cores, but then relax and breath out when the camera snaps.
  • Smile, keeping your tongue behind your top teeth. This is referred to as “teeging.”
  • If sitting for a picture, cross your legs at the ankles and position your legs to the side. Turn a little and lean forward.

Click on ACCENT THE JAWLINE, POSING, and SQUINCH to view videos of each. See as much or as little as you want. I hope these ingenious tips and techniques will help you gain confidence when someone yells, “picture time.”



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