27 Aug 2016
August 27, 2016

Shape Up and Stand Out!

Shape Up and Stand Out!
Melrose Fisher

“Muffin top,” “back fat,” “cottage cheese thighs,” “thunder thighs” and the list goes on and on. You know exactly what I’m referring to. Those are negative comments the majority of women make about themselves, especially when shopping for clothes. Lord knows the list grows by leaps and bounds if we’re shopping for a bathing suit. As personal stylists, we’ve heard it all and believe me, we’ve made these same comments about ourselves. So how can we “manage” these issues without going under the knife or spending 1000s of dollars? SHAPEWEAR! In particular, Ruby Ribbon shapewear. Why?

Why Should You Wear Shapewear in the First Place?
  • To smooth and slim those “trouble spots” thus giving you a sleeker silhouette. Mind you, I know this is not applicable to all women out there, but I will tell you that even some of the skinniest women have lumps and bumps.
  • To get into those pants &/or dress that “I swear they fit last time.” Shapewear can make you look 1-2 sizes slimmer.
  • To avoid panty lines, especially when wearing white or light colored pants.
  • To provide you a better posture and make you feel confident in your clothes. To help you stand out.
What Should You Look for When Purchasing Shapewear?
  • Shapewear that is comfortable and firm enough to “hug” your body. Sizing down may give you more firmness, but it can also cause bulges (that “sausage” effect) and apply too much compression on your organs and nerves; thereby, doing more harm than good. When you wear shapewear, it should not cause harm; it should compress those problem areas “inward.”
  • Shapewear that can strategically target specific areas. If you only want to smooth your hips and thighs or back and stomach areas, then you should be able to purchase separate pieces to target those areas. You shouldn’t have to wear a full-body piece to achieve smoothness in one particular area.
  • Shapewear that will not roll up or bunch up and cause you to be constantly running to the ladies’ room to pull your shapewear down and reposition everything. We’ve all been there. You want to purchase shapewear that has a gripper edge that when positioned properly will not “ride up” but stay in place.


Why Ruby Ribbon?
  • Ruby Ribbon products are constructed of a cutting-edge technical fabric, Intomi®. What Intomi® provides that no other shapewear on the market does, is its ability to provide “variable compression” and 360 degrees stretch. With this technology, each piece of shapewear can stretch in 360 degrees of direction while providing compression in specific trouble spots; therefore, giving you support, slimming effect, and lift no matter your size. Confidence!
  • Additionally, each piece of Ruby Ribbon shapewear has our “STAY PUT” silicon gripper edge that ensures our products remain anchored, avoiding any “riding up” or rolling. You can rest assured that wherever you position it, it will remain there.
  • The Ruby Ribbon collection consists of camisoles, slips, shaping briefs, high-waist briefs, boy shorts, high-waist thigh slimmer, and leggings in a variety of lengths and colors. Even our Leggings have a 5-inch band of Intomi™ at the waist to provide you the smoothness and support you need.
  • Each of our pieces features smoothing and shaping elements that only you will know about! Practically every item in the collection is designed for everyday wear. They are all comfortable, wearable, and breathable.
Tips for Wearing & Caring for Shapewear:
  • Always STEP INTO & OUT OF SHAPEWEAR! Stepping into and out of shapewear will save you time and frustration. Gather your piece of shapewear up in your hands like you would pantyhose (argh) and step into it. Then pull it up to its right placement and adjust it.
  • Wash your shapewear in cold water avoiding harsh chemicals on delicate cycle or hand wash. Hang or lay flat to dry. Never place your shapewear in the dryer. It will destroy the fabric content, especially the gripper edges.
  • For shapewear that you wear daily (ex. camis), you should have at least three of them. One to wear, one in the wash, and one to rest.

Don’t you think it’s time to STEP IN and invest in comfortable, wearable, and breathable shapewear to give you support, slimming effect, and lift where needed. We can dress you both inside and out, thus making you STAND OUT!

*Email, text, or call Melrose Fisher |919.819.9054 for your personal stylist appointment or to share Ruby Ribbon with your friends by hosting a trunk show at our Lots of Luxe Studio.


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