18 Mar 2017
March 18, 2017

Give it Up & Mix it Up for Summer

By Melrose W. Fisher
March 16, 2017

We all love our leggings. Leggings are great when you’re in need of a comfortable, throw-on, go-on and pull-on bottom that you can easily pair with your favorite tunic, or under a short dress or with that ratty college tee shirt that has seen better days. Sometimes you just need to give it up and mix it up.

For this spring and summer season, try giving up your leggings and reach instead for a “wide-leg,” “track/athleisure,” or “loungewear-type” pant. Skinny pants or tapered leg pants have not gone out-of-style, it’s just that the wide-leg, lounge pant style has taken a leap forward this season.

The wide-leg pants are much cooler than leggings or skinny jeans, therefore, making them more comfortable in the dead of our summer heat. The loungewear-type pants give you the feel of fluidity and airiness. Then the athleisure/track pant takes on a whole new meaning while providing you with style and comfort.

We don’t expect you to ditch your leggings. Just temporarily give ‘em up for the spring/summer season and mix-up your pant selections. You’ll be glad you did.

WIDE-LEG PANTS from our Carlisle and ETCETERA Collections

 Blanca from Carlisle Collection #509658
Sunburnt from ETCETERA Collection #209760Cloud from ETCETERA Collection #209968
    Vapor Pant from ETCETERA #409723
Sylvie Pant from Carlisle Per Se #509683
Taureg from Carlisle Per Se #509666
Lounge Pants from Carlisle & ETCETERA
Mosaic from Carlisle Per Se #509672
Anchor from Carlisle NY #109808
Driftwood from ETCETERA’s E3 #409829


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