Cartoon Garment Care

How many of you can relate to this cartoon? Practically everyone of you I bet. I’ve heard you tell me so, plus I do it all the time. As itchy as those labels are, and as much as we want to cut them out (and have done it), they do provide us with important care instructions to help us maintain the longevity of our garments. Especially our “fine” pieces. But “these” care symbols, usually read or look like a foreign language to us. What use to be only 4 symbols… How to Wash, How to Dry, How to Iron, Use Bleach or Not, we now have too many to remember. I feel your pain. Click here for your “cheat sheet” to what all those care symbols mean and have it at your fingertips the next time you need to know how to care for that fabulous white blouse or designer jean.

One tip I always like to pass along to my clients is…if it doesn’t say “Dry Clean ONLY,” it can be washed. Happy Wash Day!

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