By Lori Lambert

Lori Lambert, an ETCETERA Stylist explains in this article exactly how to build a wardrobe versus filling your closet with impulse buys and “never-to-wear” items. As Stylists, we’re trained to help you create a wearable and versatile wardrobe. After reading this post, give us a call and make that appointment to start building your wardrobe if you haven’t already. We’re here to help YOU!

A working closet and wardrobe starts with the right foundation. How do you build a wardrobe? First and foremost – not everyone’s wardrobe will have the same foundation pieces. You must build yours based on your lifestyle and body type.

Some examples of a breakdown of clothing pieces for your wardrobe could be:

For the Working Women:
50% Work Basics
40% Casual Basics
10% Dressy/Evening Pieces

For the Social Butterfly:
40% Dressy/Evening Pieces
40% Casual Basics
20% Professional Basics

For the Stay at Home Gal:
70% Casual Basics
20% Dressy/Evening Pieces
10% Special Occasion Pieces

There are, however, essential pieces that you can incorporate into every wardrobe.

Starting to Build Your Wardrobe:

Start with the basics. How to tell if it’s a basic piece? Here are a few helpful hints.

  • A piece that you can wear over and over
  • Something that goes with many of the pieces you already own or will buy
  • A piece that you cannot live without
  • One that helps tie your wardrobe together
  • A piece that is of high quality and will last

With this in mind, there are agreed upon basics that all women should have in their closet. These are as follows – and etcetera gives you classics with an edge!

  • A White Button Down Blouse
  • Several Good Quality T-Shirts
  • A Silk Blouse (or two)
  • A Good Quality Sweater
  • A Black Dress (or similar alternative)
  • A Leather Jacket
  • A Trench Coat
  • A Seasonal Coat
  • Skinny/Boyfriend Jeans
  • Accessories to Complete the Look

To see examples of the Basics from the ETCETERA Fall Collection download the PDF here.

Continuing to Build Your Wardrobe

By skipping impulse purchases and limiting your shopping to four times a year, you will be able to add several pieces to your wardrobe per season. You should shop for your body type and focus on finding those pieces that have the most flattering fit while making sure those pieces you do buy are versatile. Will they work from office to evening, maybe with the addition of a jacket? Can you add a great topper to those casual pants to attend an evening event? Finally, don’t forget to accessorize to complete the look of every outfit.

As a Stylist, it is our job to help a client create a wardrobe complete with basics and pieces that will both stand alone and complement those items that you already have in your closet. The Etcetera Collections make that a fun and easy endeavor. Our designers create clothing with just that goal in mind, and they create pieces to work with past, present, and future collections. In this way, we keep our clients on trend without being too “trendy,” so that their selections and their wardrobe will stand the test of time and be relevant for years to come.

Start building your wardrobe and get the most out of your closet!

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