14 Sep 2017
September 14, 2017

Making Mom Proud – Dressing for Travel

September 14, 2017 – Melrose W. Fisher

Did your mother ever say to you, “look nice when you travel because you never know who you’re going to run into?”  My brother and I certainly did, and we always heeded Mama’s words of wisdom when it came to things like that. Mama knew best in our case. “You never know, you just might meet your future employer on the plane, or your future mother-in-law, or a high-ranking government official” – which by the way my brother did end up sitting beside our congressman and friend of my parents on one of his plane rides back to school. I can hear her saying that right now.

In this day and time, traveling is not the most pleasant thing to do; especially flying. Security lines, TSA officers, flight delays, limits on baggage, smaller seats with no leg room, and so on. With these inconveniences and hassles, the last thing women want to think about is “looking nice when traveling,” right? So instead of “looking nice,” you see female travelers wearing everything from pajamas (you know, those flannel PJ bottoms) to workout gear. You must admit, you can see some pretty strange things at the airport. Very entertaining but at the same time you’re saying to yourself, “where is their mother?”

When I fly, I have a couple of “rules” I try to adhere to when deciding what to wear on the plane and not embarrass the family:

  1. Hygiene – Wear a skirt/dress OR pants with straight, tapered, cropped, or elastic cuffs. Why? So as not to have to worry about your pant legs touching the bathroom floor on the plane. If your pant legs are cropped, tapered, or have elastic cuffs, they will not fall around your feet when you’re scrunched in the restroom on the plane. You know what I’m talking about. A skirt or dress serves the same purpose.
  2. Comfort – I try to wear pants or skirts with stretch in them and if they are pull-on, then all the better. Restriction or constriction anywhere on your body is not something anyone wants to suffer with when sitting for extended periods of time. Pull-ons also help to speed up the process of going to the bathroom.
  3. Layers – Normally, I’m hot-natured, but on a plane, it can be chilly as you all know. I try to wear a short-sleeve or sleeveless top under an easy to remove light-weight jacket or sweater that zips and has pockets. If I know it’s going to be cold when I arrive at my destination, I will carry a coat and store in the overhead. But most of the time a wrap and scarf will suffice for keeping me warm once we’ve landed and are in route to our hotel. The wrap is a great item to have with you on the plane anyway because it can serve as a blanket if you do get cold.
  4. Pockets – Pants &/or jacket must have pockets. Do I need to explain?

Based on these “dress-rules” for traveling, here are three fabulous “airport outfits” that will have you looking your best and traveling in comfort and style – making mama proud!

From Our Carlisle Per Se Collection: DRAMATIST Vest | ICICLE Pant | LEESA Sweater | MAISON Wrap

From ETCETERA E3 Collection: STOWE Cardigan | VICE VERSA Top | STRATA Pant

From ETCETERA E3 Collection: MESA Cardigan | PEACEFUL Blouse | SVELTE Pant | BLANKET Wrap

If you would like to see these great travel pieces and others, contact one of your Stylists and she will be happy to make that happen.

Wishing you safe and comfy travels.



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