19 Oct 2017
October 19, 2017

Your Guide to the Always Fashionable Fur

Finally, cooler temperatures have arrived.  How cold will it get here in the South over the next 4-5 months is anyone’s guess.  I’ve lived in North Carolina my entire life, and I saw it 80 degrees in February 1976 and -3 degrees in mid-January in 1977.  The best tan I ever had was in 1976…bathing on the sunroof of the ADPi sorority house at UNC-Chapel Hill. Thank goodness, I’ve become smarter and sunbathing is not a “necessity” any longer.

Winters in the South are not as cold as winters in Michigan or Chicago, so owning a full-length fur coat is not a wardrobe staple for us.  However, that doesn’t mean we don’t yearn for a luxe fur piece. We do travel to cold locations, and there are those times we just might need the comfort of a mink stole or jacket.  Great justification, right?

Furs come in many different colors because they can be dyed or “dipped” in the dye.  The ability to dye or “dip” fur, creates so many color variations that it takes accessorizing to new heights. You can find almost any color fur piece to match or compliment what you already own. Experiment! Just adding a fur infinity scarf can give your outfit a whole new look thereby extending its life.

If you are one who feels uncomfortable donning fur head-to-toe for whatever reason (FYI…if you do love wearing fur head-to-toe, keep the furs all the same color), here are some simple ways to incorporate fur, be it “real” or “faux” into your wardrobe; hopefully making you feel stylish and comfortable in your own skin.

 Fur Infinity Scarf

Just place it over your head and completely change your look. “Soft” jewelry at its best.  Plus, it adds just enough warmth on a “cold” Carolina day.

Carlisle Ombre Beige/Blush Infinity Scarf – #117346

Etcetera – Charcoal Rabbit Fur Circular Scarf – #217480

Fur Stoles

When we think of fur STOLES, we think of our grandmothers’ stoles don’t we? Stoles nowadays can come in varying widths.

Narrow stoles are the most versatile I think when it comes to how you style them. Wider width stoles are worn more like wraps or capes. These wider fur stoles are now being worn by brides when marrying in the colder months. Lots of times it may be their grandmother’s or one they bought at a vintage store. So many ways to wear a narrow stole:

   Outline a V-Neckline or a Round Neckline – Place around the neckline of a coat or sweater/cardigan.
If it needs securing, use fashion tape or pins sparingly.


1 – Carlisle Fin Raccoon Scarf – #117020

2- Carlisle Elusive Fur Scarf – #117026

3 – Carlisle Blue – #317025

4 – Etcetera Bewitched Scarf – #217091



1– Carlisle Jaunty Rabbit Fur Hat – #513342 

2- Etcetera Charcoal Mink and Fox Fur-Trimmed Hat – #213476


Etcetera Faux Fur Poncho – #217333 



Carlisle Silver Fox Vest – #102343


Etcetera – Rabbit Fur Fingerless Gloves – #201478

If you’ve never purchased a fur piece of some sort, this is the season to step out of your comfort zone and do so. Fur is all over the fashion magazines and in the stores this winter so you don’t want to be left out. All it takes is one item to make you feel good in your own skin.

Just do it!

*For this blog, I’m referring to both “real” or genuine fur and “faux”(imitation) fur.  There are pros and cons to wearing real fur (mink, sable, rabbit, fox, raccoon, etc.) or wearing faux fur.  See the pros and cons of faux fur below:

Faux vs Real Fur

Since the 50s, faux fur has been used in coats, vests, hats, scarves and other accessories. The styles and colors are diverse, providing a very affordable and fashionable fake or faux fur.

Advantages of Faux Fur

  • a cheaper alternative to genuine animal fur
  • a larger variety of colors
  • easy maintenance
  • resistant to moth attacks
  • maintains its look for a very long time
  • doesn’t require careful storing

Disadvantages of Faux Fur

  • isn’t biodegradable like real fur
  • producing it harms the environment
  • uses 3 times as much energy to produce as real fur
  • not very breathable
  • not as warm as real fur
  • can’t replicate the look or feel of real fur


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