26 Oct 2017
October 26, 2017

Look Great in Your Clothes

Have you ever thought that someone just always looks great in everything they wear, or it seems that way? And on the reverse that some people, no matter what they wear always seem to look a little messy as if their clothes don’t fit or they just don’t wear that outfit or suit well?

To look great in your clothes they need to fit properly. At Lots of Luxe, we believe that our clients deserve a perfect fit. An ideal fit is why I always encourage our clients to make “fit appointments,” to try their purchases on with a tailor present to ensure that every garment fits their body correctly, so they look nothing less than stunning.

While a “fit appointment” ensures that the garment looks almost custom made for your body what you wear under those clothes is just as important and sometimes more so. The proper foundation pieces like a good fitting bra and properly worn shapewear can mean the difference between unsightly sagging and exceptional support and a better fitting garment.

When shopping from the Carlisle and ETCETERA collections with Lots of Luxe, we ensure your clothing purchases fit your body type, and always provide you with the opportunity to see our tailor for that perfect fit. When the concern is your foundation garments, we have you covered there with one of the most comfortable lines of shapewear, Ruby Ribbon.

When doing a bit of research for the blog post this week, I came across Style Expert Bridgette Raes’s post entitled “Fit and Foundation Garments Matter.” It’s worth your time to read, I just love her sassy humor on the issue and know you will too.

Click here to read her post.

Remember, we have a tailor in the Studio every week. If you have clothes in your closet that do not fit well, give your Stylist a call to make an appointment with her and our tailor. You are welcome to bring any pieces; they do not have to be from Carlisle or Etcetera. We’re here to make dressing easy, and this will only happen when everything in your wardrobe fits and fits well.

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