29 Jan 2018
January 29, 2018

We’re Seeing Stripes Again!

One of the biggest trends of late is stripes, and they show no sign of going away. If you do a little internet search, you’ll see that last year,┬áthe year before and the year before that there was much talk about the STRIPES Fashion Trend.
Stripes in fashion have a long history and they’re here to stay. Some are even saying “stripes should be considered the newest neutral in your closet!”

Things you should know when wearing stripes:
1. Try not to put horizontal stripes across larger parts of your body.
2. The wider the stripe, the wider and shorter that area of your body will appear.
3. The higher the contrast in color, the more dramatic the widening effect.
4. Minimize a stripe’s widening effect by mixing with a vertical design element (i.e. a long necklace)
5. When wearing two different stripes in the same outfit, be sure the size of the stripe is different in each piece.

The ETCETERA design team stays on trend this season, giving us those classic lines with a modern twist.

Take a look: