23 Mar 2018
March 23, 2018

Transition Your Wardrobe into Spring

We mentioned last week, in our Modern Tweed post, that we are not to trust our March weather. Evidence of that was just this week with our low temps and a dusting of snow. And we all know we cannot believe every weather report we hear. The running joke is that weather experts get it right about 50% of the time. In any case, we want you to feel prepared 100% of the time for whatever the day brings. Even though the calendar, the stores, and our trunk shows say it’s spring, you may not be enjoying spring-like conditions for a while. Or, one day it feels like spring and the next day the winds are blowing, and you’re pulling your collar up to guard the chill.

This post will give you a step-by-step guide to help you move your wardrobe toward spring even if there’s more winter weather ahead.

Step 1 – Ease into it

Look in your closet and pull out anything that looks too wintry. The easy pieces to spot are fur-trimmed items in dark colors, thick tweed jackets or pants, and anything thick like wide-wale corduroys, heavy wool pants, bulky cable knit wool turtleneck sweaters. Put them away for next year. Be sure you have your woolens cleaned before you store them. One little splatter of juice that goes uncleaned could invite a moth infestation. Pack them in cedar or sachets with herbs to keep them safe over the next few months.

Beautiful Cashmere Pieces for Layering in all the Colors your Crave.

Step Two – Minimize the darkness

Escape the winter doldrums by changing your color palette. Take out all the dark colors that seem gloomy to you right now. Place them on your bed and now look into your closet again. Are there enough lighter or brighter colors in warm pieces that will get you through the next month? If not, put back a few dark pieces, ones that are neutral and less season-specific like a cashmere sweater you could wear in May if you need to. Also, think about putting back those basics like a black pencil skirt, black jacket, and black pants. These will all pair beautifully with pops of spring color.

ETCETERA ETC Collection – Great First Layers

Step Three – Lean on your layering pieces

Even though there still may be a cold snap or two, respond with multiple layers like flat knits, quilted vests, and scarves. When it’s super chilly consider your Carlisle Basics or base layering pieces from ETCETERA ETC as your base layer for extra warmth without bulk.

Some other wardrobe tricks include wearing a buttoned-up cardigan over your blouse and under your blazer if it starts to warm up in the day, remove the cardigan or the blazer. You’ll still look dressed for the day. Wear a V-neck sweater over your dress, so it looks like you’re wearing a skirt and a sweater. Add a silk twill scarf at the neck. If you get warm during the day, remove the sweater and the scarf, and you’re back to wearing the dress by itself.

When possible start using your trench coat with the quilted lining instead of your heavy wool coats. Take the lining out when it warms up.

Just a few ideas we have of outfits and pieces that can transition your wardrobe into spring:

DELANCY Style #315618 with GEMMA Style #310524

Style this outfit with Black Boots as your transition to spring.

EUCALYPTUS Style #3055535

DELANCEY Style #305618 with NICOLA Style #312506

The Eucalyptus color transitions into spring beautifully.

STEVIE Style #205557

Soft, chic suede defines this jacket with a stand collar and edgy exposed zipper. This outfit with neutral ankle booties makes the transition to spring smooth.

CHANTEUSE Style #417916

Take out the heavy wool scarves and add in the brighter cotton scarves. ETCETERA offers a few.

TRINITY Style #214545 | MARMONT Style #210554 | PEKOE Style # 210523

MOROCCO Style #305884 | DEAUVILLE Style #309825 | LYSA Style #104523


Step Four – Contact your Personal Stylist

If you’re sick of what you’ve been wearing for the last few months, it may be difficult to make decisions on your own or strategize your way into spring, but there is hope. We’re here to help make those decisions with you and set you up for a wardrobe you’re happy with right now. Send us an email, and we’ll get started.