16 Apr 2018
April 16, 2018

Fashion: What’s age got to do with it?

If you know anything about Lots of Luxe, you know that we sell beautiful designer lines of clothing exclusively to women through our Studio Trunk Shows.

What you may not know, is that we’re a small group of women who love the company of other women. We love being your companion and guide through the sometimes daunting task of getting dressed and navigating the world of fashion. We love clothes and fashion trends. We love how our clothes can make us feel; uplifted, confident, on fire and ready for anything.

We also know that our lives are not all about the clothes but the clothes can make a difference.

A subject that comes up from time to time during our personal client appointments is how we feel about getting older. What it means to get older and how we’re adapting to the passing of time.

So many of our clients, as well as your Lots of Luxe Stylists, are embracing this time of life and have voiced how incredible it is to have the time to do the things we’ve been dreaming about for 20+ years. And some express their experience with ageism. We hear about their difficulty in the job market and understand that practically anybody past fifty starts to feel nervous when looking for the same job that a thirty-year-old would be applying for.

Some feel limitations when it comes to dating later in life and are concerned they’ll more than likely get passed over for the women that look like their younger selves did?

Many women feel left out as consumers of fashion. They’d say that fashion is plentiful for the forty and under crowd but nearly extinct for their age group.

And then there are things that may not be getting verbalized about age, but that can be very limiting or hurtful. Where are they originating? Messages about age are swirling around in people’s minds. Sentences start with words like:

I can’t …
Nobody will …
I won’t ever …
I’ll never be able to …

It’s true things have changed, but the possibilities may be more plentiful than you’ve realized so far.

If you’re interviewing for a job, you can look sharp, bright, and irresistible. Seeking help from one of our Personal Stylists is your best tool for achieving that image. The adjustments we can make to your wardrobe will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and strong. the benefits will go well beyond the job market. Putting some attention on yourself now could lead to finding yourself enjoying your better and best years yet.

The same way you prepare for the job market is the same way you prepare for the dating scene. You want to put your best foot forward. You may not have a clue about what that would look like. You don’t have to. Our professionals will use their tools to help you see your radiance and vitality in the way you look. What you learn will cement your own confidence as you present your most authentic self to the world.

If you feel fashion has left you behind and is only there for the younger age groups, be prepared to change those beliefs once you’ve worked with Lots of Luxe. The truth is there are “trends” in fashion right now that are favorable to the over-50 woman. High-rise jeans are popular, plentiful, and provide a more flattering and comfortable fit. Maxi skirts and dresses are a fashionable solution for a woman concerned about varicose veins or uneven skin tone on her legs. Sneakers are all over the runways and in stores. They instantly modernize a look while providing far more comfort than pumps and even flats. Dresses and tops with long-sleeves are popular (yes, we promise, they are). Could it be that this fashion period is actually favorable to the aging woman who doesn’t want to be ignored? Yes! A Personal Stylist can help you find flattering pieces to wear. Soon you won’t be focused on your clothes; you’ll be focused on your life. What to wear won’t be an issue!

One more way to get outside of yourself and away from negative thoughts you might have about aging is to jump into life. Make new friends. Seek friendships with older and younger people. Be curious about art and music that’s being produced now. Be willing to take a stand. Doors are open that include mentoring, volunteering, or being an activist. There’s a rich field of opportunities out there that will make you feel included, not excluded.

We’re happy to help you find solutions to problems you may have that could be limiting your engagement. This is your time, your moment. We’ll help you capitalize on that. Give us a call, and we’ll set up an appointment to get started.

At Lots of Lue, it’s not about the clothing we sell, it’s about your experience working with us and the result that can be seen in so many areas of your life!