10 May 2018
May 10, 2018

Lots of Luxe: What We’re All About

So, what is Lots of Luxe all about? We say it repeatedly; we’re all about you our clients. But, what exactly¬†does that mean? What does that mean to us and what does that mean for you?

Who we are:

First and foremost, we are our clients’ partner
in the pursuit of a wardrobe that works.

We have no choice, we must get dressed every day. There’s no way around it; unless of course, you find you’d prefer living among the nudists; but wouldn’t you have already done that if that was your style?

Lots of Luxe is a small group of women trained in Personal Wardrobe Styling.

Our passion is working with women.

Helping women create a wardrobe that makes dressing easy no matter the occasion or event, and saves them time while also being cost-conscious.

We desire to take something many women find difficult to squeeze into a busy schedule or maybe don’t like at all and make it enjoyable, private and rewarding.

We’re talking about shopping, selecting and purchasing the right pieces that truly turn a wardrobe into one that is functional, perfectly styled, and fits your lifestyle!

What we do:

We offer women a quiet, personal and private shopping experience. Every woman deserves this and rarely does she get it!

We represent product lines that are outside the norm; clothing women cannot find in small boutiques or larger department stores and clothing with unique dressmaker detailing, high quality of design, made from luxurious fabrics, and provide a beautiful fit.

As Personal Stylists, we represent luxurious collections of women’s apparel via season trunk shows. But our goal as Personal Stylists involves much more than just selling clothes.

We make it our mission to create a long-lasting and trusting relationship with each client and to do this, we provide a holistic approach
to shopping and wardrobe building

By offering a more holistic experience we’re able to become for these life-long clients someone¬†they can trust and depend on for all their wardrobing needs no matter what life throws their way. Goal accomplished!

A Holistic Client Experience:

New clients experience a one-on-one session where we get to know her; we determine her personal style, how her current wardrobe is or is not working, where she struggles most, and then we create a strategy that is unique to her alone. She may require a “closet audit,” she may only need help with special occasion dressing or finding the pieces she needs to make getting dressed for the office every day easy. She may have fit issues that require the talents of our tailor. She may prefer online shopping with a Personal Stylist’s assistance with selecting the right pant or making sure she’s not duplicating purchases but creating a wardrobe that suits her needs and is cost-conscious, rather than just filling a closet full of clothes.

Our existing clients enjoy the Trunk Show experience. They love the studio when it’s filled with a beautifully designed collection. Sometimes they want to take it all in and have a look piece by piece, and sometimes we select particular items that we know reflect her style and coordinate with her past purchases to keep her wardrobe current, stylish and always working for her, not against her.

We also help with accessory suggestions, shoe recommendations, and anything else to complete the perfect “look” she wants to achieve. Additionally, we pride ourselves on educating our clients on how to make many outfits out of a capsule of 7-9 pieces for travel as well as what we refer to as just “getting more bang for your buck.”

Box of Luxe:

As we have grown closer to our clients and relationships have deepened over the years, we’ve gained a greater understanding of their worlds.

We know that sometimes there is far too much going on that a Trunk Show appointment is not going to fit in, time to browse the website will not happen and life around them takes priority. This is the very reason we developed Box of Luxe.

Our goal is to provide a way for our clients to experience new clothes seasonally if they can’t make a trunk show and to make shopping for a special occasion doable while taking away the struggle of making it happen and finding the time.

Some companies, striving to offer the same, are sending subscribers a box of clothing monthly. When talking with our clients about such a service, it’s more than they want to deal with, and many found they could not find the time to handle returns so they have too many items they didn’t want, hanging in their closets.

We take this approach and personalize it further, it is not a subscription. We help you select the items and send them to you or bring them to your office or home. You try them on, make your selections. Returning and exchanging is easy. A return label is provided or we come pick them up. You only pay for what you keep. This service works! Time and time again we have satisfied a wardrobe need while at the same time relieving stress.

Services Offered:

New Client Consultation
Fit Consultation
Closet Audit
Trunk Show Appointment
Fit Appointment with a Tailor
Easy Returns & Exchanges
Pick Up & Delivery (some limitations)
Online Shopping 24/7/365
Shapewear from Ruby Ribbon
Private Appointments Where You’re Looked After
Great Conversations
Loads of Enjoyment

If you’re new to Lots of Luxe and would like to schedule a private consultation either in person or by telephone, please click here. Complete the short form, and we’ll get in touch right away.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

ETCETERA is in the studio now through Monday, May 14.