31 May 2018
May 31, 2018

Don’t Sweat Summer Fashion

Don't Sweat Summer Fashion

In hot or humid weather, it’s tricky pulling an outfit together that has the same panache that your transition from Winter to Spring outfits had. We want to look great while feeling as comfortable as we can. I’ve got some ideas to help you look stylish even when it’s hot.

Friendly fabrics to keep you cool

  1. Fabrics that come crinkled are a good choice for hot weather. You won’t be worried about your garments wrinkling because they’re meant to. Buy these items in sizes that will grace your body instead of hug it.
  2. Linen items come in different weights. Handkerchief linen is generally very fine. On the other scale is heavy/rustic linen with lots of texture. The hotter the weather, the lighter weight your linen should be.
  3. When purchasing your summer wardrobe, look at the fabric content labels and choose cotton, silk, linen or blends of any of these natural fabrics. These garments won’t trap heat against your body. Avoid wearing jackets lined in polyester.
  4. Loose knits in linen or cotton are great teamed with summer pants or maxi skirts. If the knit top is too revealing, layer the lightest weight tank underneath it.

Lean on lightweight accessories to finish your look

  1. Featherweight scarves or shawls can add a nice light layer and bring interest to your outfits. Don’t be nervous about mixing prints. Add a light layered floral print scarf to a loose dress in horizontal stripes. Neither layer will be clingy.
  2. Wear long, no-fuss necklaces that skim your clothing without adding any weight. Wear long lightweight chains or a lightweight pendant hanging off a leather cord.
  3. Thin bangles in silver or gold can add shimmer and polish to your dresses, skirts, and tops, or Capris and tees. If you can tolerate it, wear Lucite or Bakelite bracelets in varied colors.
  4. Swap out your black handbags and look for summer bags in raffia, straw, fabric, or a leather-trimmed canvas bag. Nothing kills the look of a summer outfit like a heavy looking bag.

Fashionable footwear solutions

  1. Sneakers are still all the rage. Look for sneakers in perforated leather or canvas to create more airflow.
  2. Peep toe sandals with sling backs will work in many casual work settings while keeping the foot cool. Avoid synthetic materials that will trap heat. If you wear leather, splurge on genuine leather and avoid faux leather. Or look for leather alternatives.
  3. Thin, no-show socks are a must when wearing flats and slip-ons. Thin socks with shoes or even heels are also a fashionable choice. You can find socks that are mostly sheer but add interest to the feet. It’s well worth the small investment to keep your feet from getting clammy.
  4. Try on lots of different sandals before you settle on your choices. Many strappy sandals look great but don’t offer enough support for your feet. Avoid wearing anything that makes you feel unstable. This is not the summer to get an injury.

We’re happy to help you get your summer wardrobe in order. Give your personal stylist a call and we’ll get started! Don’t have a personal stylist with Lots of Luxe, get in touch here.

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