14 Jun 2018
June 14, 2018

Chic and Comfortable

Since yoga pants have become wildly popular in recent years, they have not only been sported at the gym and yoga studios, but some of us are wearing them everywhere. The comfortable, stretchy material feels good, and it’s just easier to put them on and look like you’ve just come from the gym. How many times have you gone to the post office, to the grocery store, or to the mall in an outfit fit for the gym? Sure, it’s the illusion we’re busy and active, but secretly, you just wanted to slip on something easy and be able to lounge in it later. Yoga pants are super comfy, and it’s easy to wear them regularly. But, there is a new trend on the rise, and I’m hoping it will stick around. The days of schlepping around in yoga pants are over!

Athleisure is a new trend in 2018, and you’ve probably heard about it, but you have no idea how to properly work it. Incorporating athleisure style into your wardrobe will keep you in your comfy yoga pants without looking like you rolled out of bed and went to the gym.

Athleisure is super casual wear but with a street style twist. So, you’ll have all the comforts of gym wear with style mixed in. Here are a few ways to style outfits for an athleisure look.

Make sure your athletic wear is in immaculate condition.

It’s easy to head to the gym in a ratty old t-shirt, but athleisure is going to elevate the gym look to be an anywhere look. Invest in some cute and stylish pieces of athletic wear. There are so many interesting yoga pants with cutouts, mesh fabrics, and other fun details. You can also wear a chic sweatshirt and pristine white sneakers.

Mix casual and athletic wear.

The magic of athleisure is in this step. Simply ramp up your athletic wear with casual pieces. Cute athletic clothing pairs well with casual additions like denim or leather jackets, hats and beanies, and handbags. Even trench coats, puffer vests, and utility jackets are being worn with leggings and yoga pants. The trick is to be comfortable and look poised. To stay looking put together, shy away from bold printed leggings with bright colors. Printed leggings are fun for the gym, but athleisure outfits are more chic so aim for solid black leggings.

Try out athleisure minimalism.

This is trendy but harder to do for most women. With this look, you aim to dress down your outfit. Instead of an outfit based on athletic wear, wear an outfit you normally would. Then add one or two pieces of athletic wear to dress it down. Pairing styles that normally wouldn’t go together can actually look great together. Examples would be sneakers with casual dresses, caps with flirty blouses.

Practice color cohesion.

Monochromatic looks are best for athleisure. Choose black, white, gray, denim and other simple pieces to build your casual looks. The point is to be casual, but sharp. Lots of colorful gym wear is bound to make the look too casual for our purposes. If you want to add a pop of color, like pink sneakers or a bright handbag, give it a go! Pops of color are great with monochromatic looks.

 Add something designer.

Since we’re simply heightening our causal athletic wear with style and refinement, adding a piece of designer wear is a great addition to your outfit. There is no better way to elevate any outfit than with a designer handbag or sunglasses. Choose a designer piece that you love to wear with your athleisure.

Below is a gallery of pieces you’ll find in the current Carlisle and Etcetera collections that are both chic and comfortable. These pieces will elevate many of your athletic wear pieces. Of course, this mixing of chic and athletic pieces can be tricky. It’s a beautiful way to run around town, getting errands taken care while feeling comfortable and looking chic and pulled together.

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The first gallery contains Etcetera Spring & Summer options:

The gallery below contains Carlisle Spring & Summer options: