20 Jun 2018
June 20, 2018

The Charm and Style of Southern Women

SL Photoshoot / Miller Mobley

What makes southern women so darn charming?

The culture of each region of America is distinctive. Each part of the country takes on its own conventions. California girls are cute and free-spirited. New England gals are no-nonsense and tough. New Jersey girls are bold and gritty. Midwestern women are sweet and spunky. And southern women are charming, lovely, and generous.

Southern women are especially known for their style. Aside from hospitality, traditional values, and friendliness, southern women care about their appearance. The reason southern belles fuss over their appearance is simply because they care. And this type of concern is never out of vanity, but as my Southern Mama always said, it is simply polite to look one’s best. Modern-day southern belles are not wispy women by any means, they are strong and self-assured. Southern women live with a post-feminism mindset. Women of the south are powerful matriarchs, confident professionals, and a proud group of women. To us, the term southern belle means all of these things and we aren’t afraid to mix feminine charm with bold fortitude. Southern women know what works for them, what looks best on them, and how to put it all together. The ladies of the south are easy to adore because they hold themselves to a higher standard. There are rules here and we follow them. The distinction that southern belles have that others don’t is refined femininity wrapped in a sweet flair. There are a few style must-haves that southern gals can agree on.


It’s hot in the south — very, very hot! And a girl has to keep her cool in the heat, so sometimes hats are the best way to do it. Hats keep the sun out of your eyes and your hair at least partly protected from the humidity. Southern women wear all different kinds of hats. Stylish ball caps in their favorite college football colors on casual days out.  Sun hats, fancy “church hats”, and even personalized monogrammed hats are all a part of true southern style.

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” –Clairee, Steel Magnolias

Good Boots

Boots are the predominant footwear of the south. Cowboy boots add southern charm to any outfit. Southerners love their boots; from riding boots to fringe boots, to distressed boots.

“I love to wear boots- and shoes, I don’t like at all.” –Reba McEntire

Tailored Dresses

Dresses that fit your body like a glove are the most elegant way to look perfectly polished. Southern women care, and that means that they care to have a few dresses in their closet that are tailor-made for them. New Orleans born Liz Claiborne is known for pretty, stately dresses. Southern women know that properly fitting clothes are an important part of playing a role of a southern belle.

“We’re more than just our dresses.” –Reese Witherspoon

Bright Colors

Southern women appreciate walking into a room and lighting it up. Bold colors have a way of expressing personality and charisma. Women with southern roots aren’t afraid of much and that includes standing out.

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” –Dolly Parton

Lipstick for Every Occasion

Country girls make nice of everything so it is only fitting that their makeup is flawlessly applied. There is little more in this world more feminine than lipstick. Southern women have femininity nailed down. Mary Kay Ash, the entrepreneur of the Mary Kay empire, is a Texas native who launched her business and has created an opportunity for women to make their living doing what they love. The bestselling lipstick created by Mary Kay is called “Sassy Fuchsia.”

“Flowers in a city are like lipstick on a woman- it just makes you look better to have a little color.” -First Lady “Lady Bird” Johnson

Making a Statement

Many women of the south have a signature style that is all their own. They make a statement with their hairstyle or choice of wardrobe and their personal identity shines through whatever they wear. Monograms, perfectly styled hair, and carefully applied makeup are all southern staples. Southern women aren’t afraid to make a statement with their appearance, and they do so with a sense of gracefulness that is enviable.

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