05 Jul 2018
July 5, 2018

Be a Smart Pre-Season Shopper

We know that you have many shopping options, not only with Lots of Luxe but with retails stores and boutiques. As much as we’d love it, we don’t assume your entire wardrobe is Carlisle & Etcetera. So, with that in mind, we want to be sure that we provide you with as much information as possible to be a savvy shopper. Especially this time of year when big stores give you an opportunity to shop early for merchandise that you’re not ready to wear yet.

Upcoming fashion from the Fall and Winter season are discounted for a two-week period in July. After those two weeks, the discount goes away, and prices go back up. It’s a very enticing sale although it requires a certain mindset and a working plan in order to shop for wool sweaters, winter coats, and tall boots when it’s ninety degrees outside.

Let me help! Here are some tips and strategies to help you be a successful pre-season shopper.

Getting ready

Go online and find out when the sales are happening. If you work with a specific salesperson in a store, get in touch with him or her. He or she may be able to pull some things for you in your sizes and have them ready for you to try on during the VIP shopping days. Some of the items that are shown at this time are so popular that they’ll sell out early.

Before you go shopping study the website and get a sense of what’s being offered this season. Do you prefer looking through printed catalogs? Stores will be sending them out early if you’re on their mailing lists. Otherwise, pick one up in the store prior to the start of the sale.

When to shop

The first day of the sale is always mobbed with people. If you love crowds, join in. Otherwise, try shopping after 6 p.m. when the store is less jammed.

If you’re shopping online, the sheer volume of sales on that first day has been known to crash their systems. You may be spending more time at the computer than normal before being able to place your order. Try to be patient.

If you are online shopping and an item is sold out, check the same item again the following day. Systems are recalibrated overnight. Your item could be available to you in the morning.

What are you shopping for?

There are three ways to shop this sale. You can go and be surprised and buy whatever you fancy. Maybe you spot a color that’s brand new to you and very flattering. This would be a good time to purchase three different items in that color so you can mix and match all next season. Be on the lookout for novelty pieces. These are personality pieces. They don’t have to be the functional workhorses of a core wardrobe; they can be the accent pieces that add pizazz to your outfits.

Another sale strategy is to conduct at at-home inventory before you shop and see what it is you really need for the next season. What items need replacing? What’s missing? Do you want to update your work attire? Do you need coats or jackets? These can be higher ticket items that are wonderful to purchase at discounted prices.

Another strategy is to focus on your trusted brands and see what they’re offering now. If you know a certain manufacturer fits you well, go to that line first. The same holds true for shoes or boots. You’ll nearly always be successful if you stock up on shoes in the brand that’s famously comfortable for you. That way you won’t be disappointed when two or three months from now sizes can be hit or miss.

What’s in your underwear drawer?

You need underwear year-round. Why not replenish when the prices are right? If you know your favorite brands and sizes, this is an easy purchase. Shopping alert: If you haven’t been sized for new bras recently, go in before the sale starts and get a fitting with a professional.

My best advice to date

A smart shopper realizes that if nothing’s in the store that feels just right, it’s okay to skip the sale season. Just say no this time.

And if you’re enjoying your dream vacation while this sale is on, don’t worry. Seasonal merchandise will be coming into the store on a weekly basis for the next few months. There will always be clothes to shop for.

The best thing to bring with you when you’re shopping these sales is a professional. I can keep you focused on how best to build your current wardrobe. I’ve had lots of experience in this shopping setting and am happy to help you. Let’s make that appointment!