11 Jul 2018
July 11, 2018

How to be Photogenic

Some women are just naturally photogenic, and no matter how they look in person, pictures of them just happen to translate into flawlessness! How do they do it? For most of us, we struggle to like photos of ourselves. You leave the house feeling great, you spent your precious time perfecting your look and then a picture is snapped that catches all the wrong angles.

Remember when we could hide a picture in an old box and nobody would see a less than flattering photo? Well, now pictures are uploaded to social media within moments, and we’re stuck with the results. You can either un-tag yourself from your friends and family’s wedding, birthday, and special event photos or use these tips to learn how to become more photogenic.

Know your best facial angle

Most people have one side of their face that looks more flawless in photos. You can quickly determine which side is your best angle by looking at the right and left sides of your face in the mirror. If you have a dimple on your left cheek, that might be your best angle. Or maybe your nose looks more refined from the right side of your face. Whatever the case may be for you, most of us do not have a perfectly symmetrical face, so there will inevitably be one side you love more. Choose the angle that is best for you and work that angle!

  • Tip: To avoid a double chin, gently push your forehead towards the camera.

Angle your body

Never face the camera straight on. It’s best to always turn to the side and turn your head toward the camera. Facing straight will make you look wider than you are while turning to the side will automatically slim you. Think about how red carpet stars pose: turned to the side, arm on the hip, and face turned toward the camera.

  • Tip: Always keep your arms slightly away from your body, or put your hand on your hip to slim your arms.

Prepare for potential photo ops

It’s summer now, and weddings and events are in full swing. If you know, there will be pictures, prep your makeup to be prepared. Fill in your brows, choose a flattering lipstick (maybe a bit brighter than usual) or decide to wear a touch more makeup than you usually would. Avoid too light or too dark lipsticks and stick with bright colors, because they look the best in pictures. Dark lipstick can age you in photos, and light lipstick may not pair well with the bright flash of the camera. Simple extras like curled lashes, rosy blush, and a little extra eyeliner works really well in pictures. The camera can lighten your features, so defining your makeup will make you look great in photos.

  • Tip: Just be wary of too much shimmer-sparkly eyeshadow or highlighter can make you look too shiny.

Make a joke

Saying “cheese” never made anyone flash a natural smile. Forced smiles come across in pictures, either as insincere or wide-grinned. Make a joke or think of something that makes you smile so that the camera will capture your most natural, gorgeous smile.

  • Tip: When you smile naturally, your eyes will automatically squint a bit so you will avoid wide-eyed photos.

Small tweaks make a big difference

  • Beware the height of the camera. Never take a picture with the camera below you. The camera should ideally be above you.
  • If you tend to blink in pictures, close your eyes and open them right before camera clicks so your eyes will always be open.
  • Avoid scattered prints and horizontal stripes if you don’t want to look fuller in photos.

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