18 Jul 2018
July 18, 2018

Clothing Delivery for True Fashionistas

Clothing Delivery for True Fashionistas: What is Box of Luxe?

Women are leading busier lives than ever before. We really do it all: raising our children, maintaining our relationships being wives, sisters, and daughters, and we have amazing careers too. So much living to do and so little time. Well, there is a way to maintain a brilliant wardrobe on top of it all! There is a way to always keep your wardrobe fresh and new, without having to spend time racing around stores. We all need one less thing to do, right? That’s why I have created a special experience for my busiest clients.

It’s called Box of Luxe and here’s how it works.

Box of Luxe is revolutionary, and it will streamline your overly occupied days. Box of Luxe does the work for you. Box of Luxe is an effortless and non-subscription way to shop for new clothes. It’s a “try before you buy” shopping option. With Box of Luxe, you will always look your best in updated, seasonal clothing from the exceptional Carlisle and Etcetera clothing lines. You know you can expect lavish quality, amazing fabrics, and the perfect fit. You can feel good about yourself and maintain your fabulous style with ease. It’s all done for you.

  1. First, you need to create a style profile. Tell us about yourself, so we can decide what clothing would be perfect for you. This profile discovers your likes and dislikes and gives a basic overview of your unique style.
  2. Then, a fashion stylist will use the information you provided to pick out four to six pieces of clothing for you! It’s like a personal shopping experience, but it’s convenient and online! Your Box of Luxe can be delivered to you via shipping or personally hand-delivered.
  3. Next, try on the clothing you’ve received. You will have a five day period to try on the clothes at your leisure. You can keep the clothing if you love it, or return it, no questions asked.

So, what will be in my Box of Luxe?

You will receive four to six pieces from the Carlisle and Etcetera Collections. Each piece will be selected according to your favored choices from the fashion profile. Your clothing will be chosen according to your size, personal tastes, and lifestyle. Every time you receive a new Box of Luxe, you can be sure that each garment will be a great addition to your wardrobe. We make sure that we keep up with your previous orders to ensure that each new piece will incorporate nicely into your existing wardrobe, while at the same time varying the styles. Your wardrobe will maintain itself with exciting new garments every time.

Is Box of Luxe right for me?

Box of Luxe is for every woman! The clothing sizes range from 0-18 and XS to XXL and are very high quality.

There are no fees, you try before you buy! What’s better than that? Tons of convenience, and it only gets better because you won’t pay any kind of fee. There is no subscription fee, no deposits, or shipping fees.

You will be charged by a credit card on file after your five day period if you love what you received. If not, return the clothing completely hassle-free!

If you have any more questions, we have answers to some frequently asked questions here.

I’m ready to get my Box of Luxe!

Awesome! We’re so happy you’ll be joining us.

Fill out your client profile here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at info@boxofluxenc.com. We look forward to working with you!