08 Aug 2018
August 8, 2018

Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

When we think about our wardrobes the last thing that comes to mind is undergarments, right? But in reality, what we wear under our clothes is just as important. We can think of undergarments like the foundation of any great outfit. Underthings can make you look shapelier and make your clothing look flawless. Let’s be honest, improperly fitting undergarments can make even the highest quality clothing look like a disaster. It’s what you wear underneath that counts.

A properly fitting bra is a girl’s best friend

According to some fashion gurus, 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. This type of information makes me want to set up an emergency press conference to get the word out. A properly fitting bra makes all the difference in the world. If your bra is too tight or even too loose, it can actually make you look bigger than you are. A bra that is too tight is unforgiving and can dig into your skin and create bulges. A loose fitting bra can slide or ride up your back. A bra that fits just right solves these problems. We usually treat our expensive, delicate lingerie with care and try to keep bras for as long as we can, but if you’ve been wearing the same bra after weight loss or weight gain, it’s time to get measured to make sure your bra fits.

Have your cups runneth over? Too small cups can have you spilling out of them. Most women who are wearing the wrong size bra are wearing a bra that is too small. Cup size is very important, but it has little to do with the size of your breasts. Your cup size is the difference between your breasts and your rib cage.

How is your band size working for you? Band size is very important! If your bra straps are digging into your shoulders, then your bra is not the right size. You might think that it’s the straps that are doing all the heavy lifting, but in fact, the band and straps do the lifting. If the straps need to be tightened to the point that they begin to dig into your shoulders, the band is not doing its job and may actually be too big. When the band fits properly there is no need to cinch the straps so tight. So, if you have straps that are too tight, try going down one band size. That’s right try taking the band size down one size and see if the straps then naturally fit because if the band of the bra is doing its job, you won’t have the painful digging of the straps. Not only is a bra that doesn’t fit right unsightly, but it is uncomfortable! Pain caused by ill-fitting bras is all too common.

A convertible bra

Ever pass up a great looking dress because you don’t have a bra to wear with it? It’s happened to all of us at one point. You decided against a dress with tiny straps, a sexy low-back dress, or a halter-neck top because you’d have to find the perfect bra to wear underneath it. Hard pass! One quick solution to all of those great one-shoulder tops and strapless dresses is a convertible bra. You never have to worry about having the right bra when you have a convertible bra. One bra with several uses is a practical wardrobe must-have. Simply switch up the straps to go strapless, one-shoulder, halter, and more. Many high-quality convertible bras come in a low-plunging neckline and/or have a low-back band to be extra versatile.

Ruby Ribbon V-Neck Full Slip

A full-body shaping slip

Instead of a traditional slip, shaping slips are meant to make your silhouette look shapely and flawless. A shaper will hide anything you want it to hide and will accentuate the rest. Instantly slim and shape with a full-body slip. The V-Neck Slip from Ruby Ribbon and all of the Ruby Ribbon Shapewear is made using a patented technical fabric, Intomi. Intomi provides 360 degrees of stretch for extreme comfort, shape, and sculpting making it the perfect undergarment for any dress or skirt. It provides lift and support so wearing a bra with this slip is not even necessary. The absolute best part about this shapewear is the invisible grip to keep the shapewear in place! The most irritating thing about shapewear is when it doesn’t stay in place. The point is to be comfortable and not have to run to the ladies room to tug your body shaper back into place! Instead, you’ll be able to have complete confidence in your comfort and style.

Nude Panty

Nude panties

Nothing kills the look of great-looking pants or skirts than underwear that is showing. Underwear should always be a no-show! Especially in the summer if you are wearing linen pants, thin fabrics, and light colors, then nude-colored underwear is a must. White underwear is not always in disguise! Choose a nude color instead when wearing light-colored bottoms.

Ruby Ribbon Shaping Brief

High-waisted panties

High-waisted underwear can be thought of as frumpy but to the contrary! Retro high-waisted underwear is great for everyday wear. The Ruby Ribbon Shaping Brief takes 1 inch off your waist. High-waisted underwear is great for a post-baby belly, and these shaping briefs will never show panty lines.

Ruby Ribbon Cami

A camisole with a built-in bra

Hello, comfort! A cami with a built-in bra works double time. First, you don’t need to wear a bra because the Original Full Support Cami by Ruby Ribbon has you covered. Second, lose 1 inch off your waist and create a smooth silhouette underneath any clothing. Super stretchy material smooths and compresses while giving your breasts a lift. You’ll definitely want to wear it every day!

Lots of Luxe’s Personal Stylist are here to help! So, if you’re looking for assistance finding the proper undergarments, shapewear, or you need more information about Ruby Ribbon please get in touch. Click here for contact information or complete the form, click submit, and we’ll be in touch. Just let us know the best way to reach you.