15 Aug 2018
August 15, 2018

Fall Transition: How to Wear Ankle Boots

The seasons are soon to be changing, and there is one versatile piece of footwear that is perfect for the transition into autumn. Ankle boots work perfectly for the in-between weather because they can be worn with dresses, pants and more. Ankle boots make the summer-to-fall wardrobe changeover stylishly seamless.

Ankle boots come in all different styles from block heels to wedges, to suede, snakeskin and more. You’ll find ankle boots that either fit tightly around your ankle or ones that have a wider opening. Some are stiletto or peep-toe. The length of ankle boots can vary too, from low on the ankle to higher up. Here’s a quick guide on how to wear your ankle boots.

First things first. What are the best styles to wear for your body type?

This is important because even though ankle boots are versatile, not every style looks great on every body.

Wide ankle, heeled ankle boots:

These look good on everyone! We all have different sized ankles, calves, and legs, but wide-ankle booties are best for everyone. Plus, heels elongate the body. Wear these with dresses, skirts, leggings, and so on.

Flat-heeled ankle boots:

Proceed with caution if you are short or have short legs. Flat heels offer no chance of elongating the legs and they also “cut-off” your legs wherever they sit on the ankle. Flat-heeled ankle boots look best with jeans (cuffed or not) on most people, but if you are tall, you can probably pull off wearing these with a dress or skirt.

High or low on the ankle?

Some booties sit below the ankle, and some rise above it. Lower ankle boots are a flattering choice because they sit low on the leg, creating an elongated look. Higher styles might not be the best choice if you are short, but choose the style that makes you feel your best!

Ankle boots with jeans

Any kind of ankle boots can be worn with a casual pair of blue jeans. There are a number of ways to wear ankle boots with jeans. The best fit for this look is a pair of jeans that fit mid-way down the ankle. This way, your jeans will sit either on top of or inside your boots, which is just a matter of personal choice. Jeans that are cropped too high or too long aren’t the most fabulous choice for ankle boots.

If you choose to wear skinny jeans, you can choose to roll up your jeans a bit at the ankle, or not. Roll up your jeans to create a small cuff right above your boots.

Pairing cowboy-inspired ankle boots with jeans is an ultra-casual look, or dress up your jeans with leather stiletto ankle boots.

Ankle boots with block heels

Any shoe with some height is just automatically dressier! The height of the ankle shaft and the height of the heel doesn’t matter here. Wearing high block-heeled booties with swing dresses, skirts, or shorts is an excellent choice to create the appearance of slimmer, longer legs. Lower block heels are much more of an everyday look with jeans or leggings.

Wedge ankle boots

These are a good choice while it’s still summertime. Wedges are perfect for dresses and shorts. As the temperature drops, pair wedge ankle boots with a skirt and tights or jeans.

Dressy options

The dressiest style of ankle boots is the pointed-toe stiletto. Leather or suede stiletto ankle boots can be worn for a more polished work or night-out look. Pair pointed-toe stiletto boots with a dress, skirt, or pants.