20 Aug 2018
August 20, 2018

Seven Days Seven Ways – The Folio Suit

In this post, we’re featuring the FOLIO SUIT from Etcetera’s Fall Collection. The Folio Suit is made from a beautiful Turkish Herringbone fabric that packs nicely and transitions seasons beautifully. Here we’re highlighting Seven Ways to wear the FOLIO SUIT in Seven Days.


We’ve picked the MULTI sweater. This sweater has excellent versatility and can be worn several different ways; cowl neck, V-neck or reversed to a jewel neck. We’ve paired this cozy sweater with the FOLIO skirt. This micro herringbone twill skirt has comfortable two-way stretch and a svelte shape and a no-waist style that puts a modern spin on tradition. To add some color to this outfit, bring in RED SQUARE. This sweater, just like MULTI, has a touch of cashmere and can be worn three ways.


We’re pulling the FOLIO SUIT together for your day in the office executive look that is also perfect for your evening event. The strapless bustier is a stretch micro herringbone just as the skirt mentioned above. This bustier takes power suiting to next-level versatility. Keep your jacket on in the office; no one will know until you remove the jacket for evening cocktails, dinner, or gala event. Pairing the bustier with the FOLIO pant that has a little drape and wider leg gives you that elegantly sexy jumpsuit look.


On day three we’re taking the Folio suit skirt and pairing it with other items in the collection. The jacket is KNIGHT, a textured tweed anorak in a subtle modern check with retro allure, luxurious leather trim, and piped seams. This jacket is unlined so it moves nicely from region to region and it also transitions season to season beautifully. Under KNIGHT we’ve put MAIDEN, a stretch cotton blouse that adds the polish of sateen and the corsair flash of lantern sleeves.


Today we take the Folio Pant and add STORY, a bomber jacket style that’s been given an urbane update with luxe abstract boucle tweed and smooth ponte knit. We’ve layered NOBLE underneath STORY. NOBLE is a pullover turtleneck sweater, an indispensable layer for the season and remember each of the four turtlenecks in the collection has a matching pant, so you always have a column of color option. We’ve paired Noble and Story with the Folio pant, which has a Liz fit.


As with all of the Folio pieces, the jacket is made from a micro herringbone that wears comfortably thanks to two-way stretch twill. The blazer is beautifully tailored and uniquely elegant. We’re pairing it with the ARRON blouse and the CAVIAR pant made from Japanese crepe. Arrone is a satin blouse with bias stripes, and loose, flowy cuffs that add a little extra savoir-faire. The Caviar pant adds instant elegance to this outfit. These full-length stretch crepe pants make every occasion special. The comfort and the look will put them at the top of your list of must-haves this season.


On day six we’re introducing Oxblood to the Folio suit with SOJOURN a luxe deep red suede jacket. This jacket has knit sleeves and back which gives the comfortable classic bomber a modern edge. We’ve layered Sojourn with Foley another pullover turtleneck.


We love sharing new trends with our clients, and on day seven we’re putting the Folio Bustier over the Maiden blouse and pairing them with CALVARY our skinny black ponte knit pant.


We always recommend having the clothes that you need for the occasions you have coming up. Experience tells us that spur of the moment generally doesn’t ever work out. Let us help you put your Seven Ways in Seven Days together with items from both your closet and the new fall collections. We’re showing Etcetera at the Lots of Luxe studio in Chapel Hill starting August 29. We’d love to see you there, work with you online or we can send you a Box of Luxe! Get in touch today!