It seems that 2018 is bringing back denim trends that you have probably already worn in recent years. The last few years of denim trends have featured most tight skinny jeans but if you’re ready for some comfier options, this season is full of them. Retro denim styles are back in full force. You might already have some of these styles tucked away in your closet, but if not, get ready to bring them back into your wardrobe. Master how to wear the top denim styles for autumn 2018 with the following tips.

80’s Distressed

The ripped jeans of the 80’s are back. Well, perhaps distressed denim never really left us, but our tastes may have changed. The 80’s was a wild time for denim; from acid-washed to jeans slashed at the knee that was quite the decade for jeans. If you dare, the distressed look is trending for 2018. If you have an old pair of Levi’s from 30 years ago, revive them! They might have faded throughout the years, maybe they are worn at the knee and if so, perfect. Your throwback jeans are perfect for the fall of 2018. Ripped denim and frayed hemlines are all on trend for the fall, too.


Many women will shy away from wide-leg pants for fear of them not being flattering, but to the contrary, wide-leg jeans make the legs appear elongated and make the waist look smaller. To wear this trend, try neutral colored wide-leg jeans. Navy is great for office wear or try olive, cream, or black wide-leg denim.

Remember that pleated details will flatter your legs. Also, it’s good to always wear a close-fitting top with wide-leg jeans because you don’t want your silhouette to get lost in too much fabric. It’s all about balancing the wide-leg jeans with more fitted tops. Lastly, a tucked in top will accentuate your waist when wearing wide-leg jeans.

Colored Denim

Blue denim is known as the perfect casual or chic everyday wear, but you can most definitely wear colored denim every day too! You can get your feet wet with neutral colored denim like cream or gray to get in on this trend or go all out with mustard, olive, or royal blue. Don’t be afraid to embrace dusty pink, cranberry red, or printed denim either! Pair colored denim with chunky sweaters, ankle boots, puffer vests or sweet, feminine blouses. You can treat colored denim as you would treat regular blue jeans, as long as the colors you pair with these pants are complementary. Royal blue denim will go nicely with a white t-shirt and a textured scarf. Wear mustard or olive jeans with a striped sweater and sneakers or boots. Burgundy jeans look sharp when paired with navy blue.


After several years in the spotlight, skinny jeans are taking a backseat and the wide-hemmed flared jeans are back! Flared jeans are boho-inspired and reminiscent of 70’s fashion.

The great thing about flared jeans is that everyone can wear them. These are flattering for all shapes and sizes. Make sure to watch the length of the hem on flared jeans because if they are too short or too long, it can ruin the look. The length of the hem should just nearly touch the ground so be sure to choose your shoes accordingly. Keep your top somewhat fitted since the flow of these jeans is flared out, especially if they are also more of a wide-leg fit. Wearing a flowy, wide tops balances out skinny jeans but when paired with flares, it can make your silhouette appear larger. Pair flared jeans with a lightweight, close-fitting blouse or a blouse with a thin belt cinched at the waist.

Utility Denim and Trousers

Utility pants are this season’s versatile pick for denim trends. Utility jeans are androgynous and are best styled with a feminine flair. Because utility denim has a masculine edge, pair these with an ultra-feminine blouse to balance them out. Using this same styling idea, wear a delicate silk cami with utility jeans for a night out. For an office look, pair utility pants with a crisp shirt or a blazer and heels. For a fresh palette idea, try pairing olive, navy, and white for a utilitarian-chic look.

Whether you prefer trouser jeans, distressed, wide-leg or colored jeans, we’re here to ensure they have the best fit for your body type, they fit your lifestyle and work well with what’s already in your closet. If we can help you navigate the denim trends this fall/winter season, please get in touch.

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