25 Sep 2018
September 25, 2018

The Fall Color Trend Report

The fall and winter colors have graced the runways and tried and true fall colors have returned but so have some shocking hues. This fall is about more than the typical neutrals, browns, and olives that we expect. While those are always go–to autumnal colors, we can add in some of the far–from–usual trending colors like bright fuchsia, nebulas blue, and intense violet.

Almond Buff

An understated camel hue that is just a few shades lighter and more delicate, almond buff is the perfect soft neutral for the fall. Almond buff is a rich, classic autumn color that adds warmth to a fall wardrobe. Instead of gray or white, add almond buff as a neutral to any outfit for a dreamy, delicate palette.

Soft Gray

Soft Gray is a subtle touch of gray that is incredibly chic and versatile. Gray as a neutral is great for pairing with bright colors or rich black for contrast. Accent gray with a brightly colored belt or shoes. This season, sunny yellow and russet orange are in for the fall, so adding a touch of color to brighten up soft gray is a great option.


Deep burgundies, intense oxblood, and wine hues are autumn favorites and are trending this fall. Wine colors can be paired nicely with camel or almond buff, or even with rich navy blue. Merlot can look very eloquent and even romantic. Deep red is an easy color to find in nearly any kind of clothing this year, from stately burgundy trench coats to lacy satin dresses.

Vibrant Blues and Violets

The usual fall colors include the earthy tones of nature; red, orange, olive, tan, brown. However, the cooler shades of the color wheel are huge this fall. Several blues are making a big debut for the fall from sophisticated navy, to sea blue, to vibrant nebulas blue. Usually, purple tones for the fall have hints of red to add warmth, but this fall they are going the opposite way. Intense, blue-violet and lavender with a hint of blue are both top trends.


While this is not what we’d expect for the fall season, pink has been favored by fashion designers this year. From hot pink to mellow dusty pink and various shades in between, pink remains suitable for the fall. If you are a bit apprehensive about too much fall pink, then just add pops of pink to black or gray to tone it down but still rock the trend.

Whiskey Brown

Another warm autumn neutral that can be paired with so many colors, whiskey brown is a perfect addition to your wardrobe this fall. Whiskey brown, warm and caramel–colored, is flattering and elegant for all occasions.