Are you ready to try some new things from the fall/winter fashion offerings? Whether you sample one item or several, there are some tantalizing treats to choose from. Here’s a sample menu of what’s available to you.

1. I want to draw your attention to the different shades of green. Are there fifty shades? I want to say yes! Whether you like your greens light, dark, deep, intense or muted, this is the right time to explore your options. Green is not just for garnish anymore. It can be the main course of an outfit.

2. For people who’ve been wondering where brown went, it’s back! It comes in all shades of chocolate and on into burnt caramel. Time to stock your shoe and handbag shelves with this rich color or choose a few separates to blend into your existing wardrobe.

3. Velvet has been spanning the seasons. People even wore velvet this past spring/summer. It seems best for cooler weather. Look for it this season in dresses, blouses, and jackets.

4. Prairie dresses look romantic and innocent with high necklines, roomie sleeves, and a floor-length hemline. This is a great option for those looking for something new in the dress department.

5. Floral prints just keep coming. Plan to wear floral print dresses with dark backgrounds. They’re great paired with a colored tight and a boot.

6. There’s an array of plaids just waiting for you to enjoy. Classic plaids of different colorations are being combined in the same outfit. For instance, you can wear a blue plaid pant with a red plaid jacket. Or wear red plaid boots with a blue plaid dress. It may sound less than appetizing but you won’t know until you try it!

7. Don’t know what scarf to wear with your outfit? It’s an easy decision this season. Designers are creating matching sweater and scarf sets. And if you’re just going for the scarf alone, make it long, long, long, like spaghetti-noodle long.

8. Cable knit, smooth knit, or textured knit sweaters all have something in common, they are voluminous and cozy. Make your knits jumbo size this year.

9. Mixing day and nightwear for both day and night keeps us on our toes. This can be a little confusing but if done right, it makes a lot of sense. Wear dressy tops with casual bottoms or dressy bottoms with casual tops and go out on the town.

10. Pants of any length or width are available. Wide, pleat front, flairs, cigarette, printed pants, and painted pants. If you wear pants well, get ready for a smorgasbord.

11. Skirts shimmy up and down the leg. Enjoy a mini, a pencil skirt, something calf-length, or go for the 50’s full skirt. For an easy garnish, add a thick belt to the waist.

12. Train your eye to see sized up jackets as the new normal. Many of them have broad shoulders. Hello, ‘80s! Get used to this new silhouette, it might be here for a while.

13. Blankets are now acceptable as fashion outerwear. It’s a no-size piece of outerwear that covers all. Whether it’s a western print or a solid color, this can beautifully drape over everything and be the centerpiece for your entire outfit.

Red Lips

14. Bring color to your fashion plate outfits with red lipsticks. Red lips go with everything!

Are you salivating over any of these fall/winter fashion picks? Pick your preferences from the fashion menu and let’s have fun exploring them together on a shopping trip. Give me a call. I’ll bring snacks.