When it comes to a new fashion season, the thought of shopping for a new wardrobe might be overwhelming. A great alternative is to choose a few new accessories to make your existing wardrobe feel brand new.

Here are some ways you can do that.


The newest style in scarves is long, long, long. Don’t be surprised if you wrap a scarf around your neck and the tails come to your thighs. In addition to long, cozy scarves are blanket scarves. These scarves come in fabrics that are rich, lush and voluminous. Even more than an addition to your wardrobe, they can become the main attraction of your outfit.

Fingerless Gloves

You know we need our fingertips free for on demand texting. This accessory is functional and beautiful when it’s in velvet or suede. Choose gloves that come close to the elbow for glamorous flair. Have fun with all the colors available to you.


Black tights or bare legs are so last year. Branch out into tights of many hues. Wear them with your skirts and dresses for pure fun. If colorful tights are too bold for you a lace tight will update your look.


Hats add so much personality and punctuation to your outfit. Maybe start by identifying your favorite historical period. Styles include the sombrero, the cowboy hat, the matador, the fedora, and other wide brimmed styles. Do you prefer caps? Try one in plaid. Use hats to express your personal style. This could be the accessory you wear all season.

Statement Earrings

Are you ready to make a statement? “Ears” how to do it (wink, wink). Big on the earring scene are oversized double and triple hoops. Feathers flock the ear whether they’re real feathers or silver ones. Large jeweled crosses bring lots of bling. Tassels continue to adorn the ear.

Statement Necklaces

Or should we say necklaces! Whether you layer multiple necklaces from your collection or buy one that does all the layering for you, this look could cover your whole décolleté area. This look may not be best on a larger chested person. You decide if you’re a good candidate for this trend. Other choices are chokers high on the neck or necklaces layered over turtlenecks.

Statement Bracelets

Bracelets aren’t just for summer over bare arms. Wear bracelets of different widths and stack them on your wrist or on top of your sweater sleeve. A very pretty look is to wear large cuffs full of lustrous colors. A cardigan, jacket, or coat with three-quarter sleeves is just begging for a statement bracelet or two or three.


Belts ruled the runway. Looks included buckle belts, leather belts, tie belts, corset belts, bustier belts, and the doubling up of belts. Use any of these on coats, dresses, or skirts of any length. Consider wearing belts that contrast with your outfit colors or choose one in animal print.


Logo purses are big for fall. Enter the fanny pack, the belt purse or the backpack. For ladylike looks, go for a framed handbag. If you have a busy running-around lifestyle, a tote may be best for you. A new purse adds so very much to your look. Getting a new one could be your number one fashion priority.

To ease into the season, consider starting with accessories. I can help you find the right ones or help you begin to incorporate them into your transition wardrobe before all the woolens come out. The great thing about accessories is that you can start wearing them right away! Let’s get a date on the calendar, okay?