When is the last time you did a full inventory of the clothing you have? Many of us struggle with choosing what to wear on a daily basis. Do you typically wear the same outfits on a regular basis even though you have dozens of neglected pieces of clothing in your closet? It’s the timeless dilemma: a closet packed with clothes but nothing to wear.

There is a simple solution to all of this and it is a wardrobe audit.

What is a wardrobe audit?

Simply put, wardrobe audit is the deliberate purging and organizing all of the items in your closet. If done correctly, your closet will be full of versatile outfits that are customized to your lifestyle and flatter your body perfectly.

Why is a wardrobe audit so important?
  • It helps you to eliminate unwanted clothing that is crowding your closet
  • Your wardrobe will be organized, making it easier to plan and dress
  • You will be able to effortlessly style yourself daily with relevant and eternally elegant outfits
  • You will be able to bolster your personal style and enrich your personal brand
  • Have peace of mind, less indecision, and easily identify the outfits you need to put together a specific look
  • Your wardrobe should reflect who you are in personal and professional areas – first impressions are essential
When is the best time to do a wardrobe audit?

At least once a year at minimum, but the best and easiest time to audit your closet is when the seasons change. As summer has turned into fall, we’re starting to put away our summer clothing and bring our winter clothes to the forefront of our closets.

DON’T: Wait to do a wardrobe audit until you’ve lost 15 pounds or any other excuse that is stopping you. You are worthy now! You deserve your dream wardrobe now.

Here’s how to do it:

We’re moving into the winter months soon, so first remove all of the summer clothing in your closet. When your summer clothes are packed up until next year, it’s a good time to dust the shelves of your closet, purchase new hangers, and generally clean up. If needed, a fresh coat of paint and new light bulbs give your closet a fresh makeover.

Now you can begin to organize your fall and winter clothing.

Next, organize your clothes into three groups:

Must keep:

  • Anything that you love!
  • Clothing that you wear often
  • Clothes that fit you beautifully
  • Clothing that is in good condition
  • Major investment pieces

Hold onto it:

  • Anything you like
  • Anything you’ve worn at least a few times
  • Clothing that fits and is in good condition
  • Any piece of clothing that holds great memories for you

Toss it: Get rid of anything that is no longer serving you. Unwanted clothing can be donated, gifted, or consigned.

  • Anything you haven’t worn within the last year! If you didn’t wear it last fall or winter, then you probably won’t wear it this year either. Make room for clothing you will wear.
  • Anything that is stained or in poor condition.
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit. (It probably won’t ever fit again, let’s be honest!) Anything that doesn’t flatter your body goes.
  • Anything that is no longer your personal style or anything that you are simply indifferent about. Your wardrobe should be full of clothes that you absolutely love. Don’t hang onto clothing just to have it, keep it because you love it and wear it.
  • Out of style clothing that doesn’t qualify as a vintage classic.
  • Clothing that carries bad memories.

Once the “toss” pile is out the door, you will have more space in your closet, making it easier to organize the rest!

Now is a good time to organize your wardrobe into sections so you can easily dress or choose outfits for any occasion. For example: professional wear, leisure wear, special events, social activities, etc. And, you will be able to identify what you actually need to add to your closet instead of mindlessly shopping for new clothes.

A wardrobe audit is a must for any woman who needs to organize and cultivate her own personal style. An audit can take a bit of time, and figuring out which items to let go of can be difficult. Many women put this task at the end of their “to do” list because it can be time consuming and hard to let go of clothing.

Fortunately, this is a service that Lots of Luxe provides! If you need an assessment and someone to help you organize, the path of least resistance is to have a professional help you with it. If handling a wardrobe audit on your own seems like a challenge, then we’re here to help you assess and organize your closet.