03 Dec 2018
December 3, 2018

Build Your Footwear Wardrobe for Easy Dressing

Whether you’re a shoe lover or you feel like a misfit when it comes to shoes, one thing is certain: we all wear them. Chances are we need ones we don’t own yet. With lifestyle changes, you could be requiring a different type of shoe. Fashion offers new styles using updated technology. Shoes are a quick way to add style to any look. And then there’s that other thing that’s changed: fit needs have changed.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an updated full-service footwear wardrobe? Let’s take a deeper dive into this subject. When you lace up, zip up, or pull on your shoes or boots, I want you to feel confident that you’re in the right pair.

There are shoes and then there are shoes. Some activities are more demanding on our feet than others. The shoe or pump you wear if you’re on your feet all day will be different than the one you’ll wear with girlfriends when all the walking you’ll be doing is exiting your Uber car service and walking into a wine bar for drinks. Here are categories to consider in order to have the right shoes for any occasion.


Flat booties or flat boots are perfect for active days. Whether you’re running errands, taking a class at the nearby college, or working in a casual setting, they’re up to the challenge of your busy life. Choose a style that relates to your personal expression. You may like a Chelsea boot or a riding boot if you like classic looks. Maybe you prefer a boot with western details. If you like variety in your life, you’ll want to have boots or booties in more than one color and style. Cover your neutral-colored bases first—like brown, black, camel, or charcoal—but don’t be afraid to purchase boots in pops of color.

Dressy boots are a must-have for women who enjoy a more alluring or glamorous look. This boot is generally more elegant and heeled. They’re perfect for wearing with fabrics like lace, velvet, brocade or jacquard. This boot is generally close-fitting to the ankle and calf. Stretchy fabrics are great if you have a fuller calf. If you shop online, add ‘wide calf’ to your search.


Dressy flats could be used for polished outfits or they could make a statement when worn with casual pieces, like jeans and a sweater. You’ll notice fashion editors inspiring us to put casual and elegant elements together for daytime outfits. What makes a flat dressy is in the details. Look for shoes that are beaded, have sequins, ornate buckles, or bows. They could be ballet flats, T-straps or ankle wrapped. They could be metallic, patent leather, velvet, animal print, or lace. Shop around until something strikes your fancy.


Oxfords are a popular choice if you prefer a menswear look in your shoes. The fact that they lace up can give you a personalized fit. Lace them tight if your heel or foot is narrow. If your foot is fuller, give the laces some slack. An oxford looks sharp with trousers, ankle pants, or rolled up jeans. You’ll discover this style comes in a variety of textures and materials. They may be adorned with tassels, have lug soles, or be heeled.


Pumps can function as a professional shoe for some workplaces. Work pumps have a closed toe and are typically low-to-mid heeled. They can be slingbacks or have ankle wraps. The block-heeled pump is a great addition to this season’s trends. Higher, more slender-heeled pumps can look dressy and sexy. These are the heels that earn their ‘killer heels’ reputation because they’re not easy to stand in for long.


The sneaker offers a modern look plus comfort. Slip-on or laced sneakers are having their fashion moment to the joy of many people who are experiencing style and comfort in a shoe they can wear all day. There are many choices so give yourself a chance to explore this style fully before making a purchase. You can get a pair that looks athletic or you can go for sneakers in materials like embossed snakeskin, leopard print, or velvet. If your style is sporty or fashion-forward, you may want a few pairs of this style.

If you’ve read through these categories, you may have already discovered where you need to focus to get the shoe wardrobe that works for you. I’d love to help you update your shoes and be sure you have what you need. Give me a call at (919) 819-9054. A short amount of time devoted to this one item will make a huge difference.