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No matter who you are, what you do, or what your closet currently looks like – you can benefit from working with a Personal Stylist. A good Personal Stylist is more than just a ‘personal shopper’; she is someone who will take the time to get to know you, your style, and your lifestyle. With this information she will curate a wardrobe that will make you look and feel your best. And that is something worth investing in.

When you’re unhappy with your wardrobe you’re likely to do one of two things: Go shopping to try to update or refresh your wardrobe. Or, recycle the same few outfits that you really like week after week. Thus, creating two problems: You’re either wasting your time and money or you’re keeping yourself stuck in a fashion (and confidence) rut. If you don’t have the tools to properly style your wardrobe, then things won’t change.

This is when a Personal Stylist can step in and help you get back to feeling and looking the way you’d like.

Taking care of your wardrobe needs is a form of self-care. How you look and feel in your clothes affects how you look and feel overall.

A Personal Stylist helps you present your best self to the world.

Contrary to what you may believe, this isn’t just a shopping spree.

Your Personal Stylist will consider what’s currently in your closet. She will help you do a wardrobe audit, determining which pieces are ‘keepers’ and which should go into the ‘donate pile’. After reviewing the pieces that have made the cut, she will know what gaps need to be filled, how some pieces can be worn in new ways, and which pieces can be styled together to create a whole different look.

Make ‘getting dressed’ an enjoyable process.

Choosing an outfit

Clothing can be finnicky – it can shrink, it can get stretched out, it can go out of style (sometimes very quickly!), it can become uncomfortable or unflattering. You will want your wardrobe to contain quality, timeless pieces in a style that feels like your own. But how exactly do you do that?

Your Personal Stylist has the tools to create the look you want in a way that will make you feel comfortable and confident. She will include flattering pieces that can be reinvented so that you’re not constantly wearing the same old thing or spending money on more pieces that will sit unworn in your closet.

An outstanding wardrobe doesn’t need to drain your wallet.

Your Personal Stylist will help you create a wardrobe that can transition and evolve with you and your lifestyle. We’ve all felt the stress of an event that we didn’t plan an outfit for, leaving us in a frantic scramble through our closet to come up with something ‘just right’ as we need to be walking out the door. Or, even worse, the pressure of last-minute shopping for an upcoming occasion, when we often purchase something we don’t truly love or won’t ever wear again.

You want a closet that will have you prepared for any situation. Whether it’s a power meeting that suddenly springs up or a friend’s unexpected celebratory dinner, you will know what to wear and you will be excited to wear it.

However, it’s also important for your Personal Stylist to manage your wardrobe over time so that smart purchasing decisions can be made to extend the life and look of your wardrobe.

Having the right pieces in your wardrobe means that time isn’t wasted on unnecessary, unflattering, or unrealistic clothing options.


The shopping process can be a tedious one. Sorting through racks upon racks of clothing, trying on each piece individually and then seeing how it pairs with something else, waiting for a sales associate to bring over a different size for you to try, and then you need to wait in line to make your purchase.

Or, maybe you’re an online shopper. Sure, that can be more convenient but online shopping can also be a time drainer. Instead of racks you’re sorting through, it’s pages and pages of websites. It’s quick and easy to click “Add to Cart”, but is it as quick and easy to return an online purchase? It’s always disappointing when an online order arrives and the quality of the product is inferior, the style is not what you had expected, or the size or fit just isn’t right. Now you need to start the ‘reverse’ online shopping process – initiating an online return.

I think you can relate. And I think you’d enjoy the relief of working with a Personal Stylist who takes the stress out of the shopping process, who takes the uncertainty out of the styling process, and who gives you back your valuable time to focus on the real priorities in your life.

Working with a Personal Stylist can be life-changing.

Investing in a Personal Stylist is an investment in yourself – your comfort, your confidence, your message to the world. The Personal Stylists at Lots of Luxe elevate the wardrobing experience to a much more personal one.

A Lots of Luxe Personal Stylist becomes your new best friend as she truly gets to know you and learn your likes and dislikes. She chooses each garment specifically to complement your body type, your lifestyle, your personal style, and your goals. Just two or three appointments a year can transform your wardrobe into something you’re proud of, making you look and feel like you can conquer the world. And you’ll have your Personal Stylist to thank for that!

Lots of Luxe is always committed to making your personal styling experience one of joy and ease. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about working with a Personal Stylist. We’re always happy to get to know you, making sure you’re comfortable with the whole process and enjoying the exciting changes we can bring to your wardrobe and to your life!

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