20 Feb 2019
February 20, 2019

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Spring 2019 Trends

Spring is an especially celebrated season for many reasons, including in the fashion industry. Spring is a time for new beginnings and for warming up after a long winter. So, in the spirit of spring, here are the trends from Carlisle and ETCETERA for this year’s upcoming season.



Natural Neutrals

In the spring of 2009, Vogue said, “Fashion’s strength this season comes from its quiet authority; dress softly and carry a leopard-spot purse.” Neutrals were big that year and, although neutrals have never left us, they are big again this spring. Neutrals come in all shades of beige: camel, cinnamon, coffee, and chestnut. Earthly neutrals are the perfect basics for building your spring wardrobe. Head-to-toe neutrals are a trendy way to wear a luxe monochrome look. Feel free to add pops of color to neutrals if that’s your thing. Neutrals provide us with plenty of options. Natural colors are graceful and elegant, and they can be easily styled.

Bold Brights

On the flip side of spring’s neutrals, comes spring’s brightest colors. Vibrant shades can enliven your wardrobe whether you choose brights for the office or casual wear. The shades of this season’s brightest colors include taffy, persimmon and all shades in between. Office style gets more than a pop of color this spring. Don’t be afraid to mix spring’s brightest shades for a fun, fabulous look. Color blocking is in style this spring season, and many styles of color blocking are using either bold brights or sandy neutrals–or both for a fresh look.

Fresh Florals

Florals are an absolute spring classic! Florals are far from new, but they are feminine, whimsical, and flirty. Nothing lightens up a wardrobe quite like fun florals. Wearing florals can be casual and light or even dressed up for the office. This year, spring’s blooms come in prints, lace, appliques, and embroidery. If florals aren’t typically your style, try black florals for a more demure look. Edgy black florals are a glamorous way to add flowers to your wardrobe.


Beyond Beige

The season’s new neutrals come in a plethora of earthy shades in a spectrum that flirts with yellow, grey and brown. Neutrals are incredibly easy to work with, especially when adding to your wardrobe. Neutrals can be easily added to build a number of different outfits to choose from.

Think Pink

This spring delivers exciting shades of pink ranging from pale blush to hot fuchsia. Blush is one of the universally flattering colors because, regardless of your skin tone, blush flatters everyone! Wear your favorite shades of pink as solids, stripes, ombre, color blocks, and more. Spring has never looked so bright!

Neutral Ground

Black and white is a classic combination that always delivers. Go graphic this season with a myriad of ways to mix black and white. The elegant and dramatic opposite shades provide a canvas to add to. Black and white clothing comes in color blocks, stripes, solids, and even stunning python. Add a bright scarf or blazer to black and white to automatically upgrade the look.

Bright Lines

This season’s lines go beyond simple stripes, playing with texture and tones for modern twists on a classic. A new take on pinstripes is chic for the office and is a great way to add texture and something new to your wardrobe. Stripes are an easy way to make any outfit a little bolder.

Need A Fresh Spring Makeover?

I’m here to help! If you need a styling consultation to renew and refresh your wardrobe for spring or are in a dilemma with what to wear for a special occasion, it would be my pleasure to help you decipher what you need. Wardrobe styling and shopping when you aren’t sure what exactly you need can be overwhelming and frustrating, but I can take the confusion out of it.

If you’re ready to take your wardrobe to the next level, organize, fill–in, and revitalize your closet, give me a call! Or, get in touch here.