Clothing trends change rapidly and it can be tempting to wear a new trend. The question you need to ask yourself is, “How will it look on me?” Perhaps one of the reasons why trends come and go so easily is because not everyone benefits from wearing them.

We’ve all had that moment when we see a new clothing trend in a magazine or on another woman and think how fantastic it looks. Admiring a trend and trying it for ourselves is a huge hit or miss and, inevitably, not all trends flatter everyone. Finding something that you love on the clothing rack but then loathe on yourself is disappointing. So, what can we do to totally avoid that disheartening dressing room moment?

The answer is: Know your body.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes; every woman is unique. You can find the shape that closely matches your own with “The Foolproof Way to Find Out Your Real Body Type”. By identifying your body type, you can then read on to learn what types of clothing to choose and what styles to leave behind.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why You Need to Understand your Unique Body Type:

1. You will always look your absolute best

Knowing how to make your body look horizontally and vertically proportioned will flatter your body type. Each outfit will be balanced, perfectly fitting, and virtually made for you. You can forget about feeling uncomfortable, looking bad in photos, or worrying that you don’t look fabulous.

Body Types 1
2. Play up your assets

Certain clothing can emphasize the body parts you love. By simply knowing which styles match your body shape, you can highlight the curves you feel good about. Examples include hourglass–shaped women wearing waist–cinching styles to emphasize their curves, or apple-shaped women showing off their legs.

3. Minimize your flaws

We spend a lot of time trying to hide our flaws, but it gets much easier when we buy clothes that automatically flatter us. One extra perk is that you won’t be creating flaws by wearing the wrong things. Wearing the right pieces can balance out your body by highlighting the good and minimizing the bad.

Body Types 2
4. Create outfits with ease

You will be able to easily decipher lengths, cuts, and styles that fit you best. Shopping will be much easier and, if you hate online shopping, it will become less stressful. You’ll save time and money by knowing what’s right for you and leaving all of the rest. Shop by style when you know the go-to pieces that make your body look great.

5. You can build a killer wardrobe

Out with the old and in with the new and flattering! Much of our wardrobe typically can go neglected while we stick with the pieces we’re comfortable with. If you create a wardrobe based on your body type, you can never go wrong.

Still need some help?

If this is all too complicated and you still feel like you need some help with dressing for your body type, that is what I am here for. The most effective way to understand your body type is to take measurements and help from a Personal Stylist. As always, I am available when you have questions or you want to make an appointment.