03 May 2019
May 3, 2019

Building a Closet with a Sturdy Base

Figuratively speaking, of course. Although we love a good DIY project, we’re here to help you renovate your wardrobe, not your house! While trends come and go, there are some wardrobe essentials that could last a lifetime. Having a few neutral staples in your closet sets the foundation for a classic wardrobe.

Here are 5 pieces we recommend to make getting dressed easy and effortless:

1. Fitted Camisole

A camisole in a neutral color can serve many purposes. It can be the base piece in a layered look, under an embellished jacket or cardigan. It can be a modesty layer under a sheer blouse. And, done in a fabric with some stretch, it can also double as shapewear to help smooth things out under a fitted dress or tunic, for example.

2. Your Favorite White Blouse

This should be the piece that, when you ‘have nothing to wear,’ you can always turn to your favorite white blouse. Classic, yet chic, a crisp white blouse can be worn sleeves-rolled and paired with jeans for a casual look, dressed up with a skirt and heels for cocktails, or ready for a board meeting with slacks and a blazer.

3. Light Cardigan

A light cardigan can help you transition from the summer heat to the blasting a/c indoors, or from heated rooms to the lower temps brought in by the colder months. You know- that ‘chill’ that you get from being in the cold; it’s hard to shake and often lingers throughout the day. A light cardigan is easy to throw in your bag or have handy in your car so you can pull it out and put it on whenever you feel that chill coming on.

4. LKD – “Little Knit Dress”

We’ve all heard of the “Little Black Dress” but a “Little Knit Dress” can be just as valuable, if not more so! A knit dress is perfect for virtually any occasion. Worn with flats and a ponytail, your little knit dress will take you out for a day of shopping, running errands around town, or brunch with the girls. And, paired with heels and fabulous jewelry, a little knit dress can be made appropriate for the office, after work drinks, or your weekend dinner date.

5. White Denim

You may already have a pair of classic blue jeans in your closet, but have you considered what white denim can do for you? White denim jeans are classic, yet chic. They can be dressed up or dressed down when paired with the right blouse, shoe, and jewelry. And, remember your mom’s rule, “No white until Memorial Day” – Consider that old-fashioned because the runways have loved seeing white denim worn all year round!

If you’re unsure of where to begin when putting together the ‘essentials’ for your closet, the pieces above are a good starting point. And, you should notice a theme when looking at the pieces we’ve shown here. The key to building a ‘sturdy’ foundation for your closet is to choose pieces in neutral colors. Keeping your basicsĀ ‘basic’ will ensure you get a longer life out of each piece. If you need further help or would like our suggestions, send us a message and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to create a wardrobe with a timeless foundation.