What do some of the most powerful people in the world have in common? From the founders of tech companies, to celebrities, to political figures, some of the most influential people in the world define and maintain their own signature style.

Johnny Cash wore black. His signature style was summed up in his words as, “rebellion against the status quo.”

Steve Jobs is well-known for wearing his standard uniform consisting simply of a black turtleneck and jeans.

Albert Einstein wore gray suits. He didn’t want to waste “brain power” on deciding what to wear each day.

A pioneer of androgynous style, Marlene Dietrich is famously known for her penchant for menswear.

When you hear the name Jackie O, you immediately picture the chicly dressed former First Lady, most notably seen in her signature pillbox hats and boxy Chanel suits.

No matter your profession or lifestyle, creating and maintaining a signature style can make a lasting impact, from basic functionality to self–expression.

Developing a signature style can be the hallmark of your individuality.

What you wear can become your personal brand. A signature style can be an empowering way to step into your authentic truth. Almost every fashion icon in history has created a recognizable signature style, from Audrey Hepburn to Madonna. But, you don’t have to be a style icon to have a signature style. You can set yourself apart from others. You can be a memorable person in the industry you work in. Clothing should be a way to express yourself, first and foremost. Creating a signature style makes you appear more confident in the eyes of others, too.

Your reputation comes from repetition.

Creating a signature style doesn’t have to mean wearing the same thing every day, nor does it mean always wearing a bold, over the top outfit. The key is consistency. It can be a certain color, style of clothing, or signature accessory. Not only does this consistency create your signature style, but it also has many practical applications. Consistency in your wardrobe makes shopping and dressing easier! How wonderful would it be to have a clear idea of what you need to buy and always know that you can effortlessly create stunning outfits?

You can shop smarter. Happy Fashionista
Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? We typically wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Not only does this mean we buy things we rarely wear, but it also means that our daily outfit choices get stagnant. If you choose to create and maintain a signature style, you will likely wear more of the clothes in your closet, and you will be able to match more outfits together in an aesthetically pleasing way. You will choose the best quality every time, because you know you can invest in pieces that you will wear long term. There will be no room for poorly fitting clothes. When you shop with your personal style in mind, you will only choose pieces that fit your lifestyle, flatter your body, and make you feel confident.
The Final Word on Creating a Signature Style

Need some assistance? If creating a signature look sounds fantastic but seems like a daunting task, then I can help. Together we can refine your personal style into something that will work for you. We can work on keeping everything that fits your personal style and getting rid of anything that dilutes it. Set yourself apart from the rest, simplify your life, and step into your authentic self. Call or email me to set up an appointment at your convenience.