12 Jun 2019
June 12, 2019

5 Items You Need In Your Closet

There are certain items every woman should have in her closet to make getting dressed and looking stylish effortless. We’re not talking about the essential wardrobe pieces or fashion basics (you can read more about that here) but, the items that you wish you had when there’s a last minute issue when dressing.

These are the items that are going to help fix an unexpected fashion blooper. These simple tools will help save the day when you’re needing to rush out the door or quickly find the ‘right’ outfit in your closet. When you don’t have time to perfect your look, having these resources on hand will make it quick and easy to do so.

Review these 5 items and you’ll agree that you most definitely need to have them in your closet.

1. Steamer

Many of us own an iron and an ironing board but many of us also view ironing as one of our most dreaded chores. It’s a bulky setup and it’s time-consuming. We also have the option to use a dry-cleaning service but that can get costly and also adds a stop on our never-ending list of errands to run. Yet no one wants to be walking around in wrinkled clothing! A steamer is the perfect solution – it’s fast, easy, and effective! A steamer heats up quickly and is ready to go to work as soon as you put your garment on the hanger. Using this wrinkle-freeing process also makes it easier to get those hard-to-reach spots and can be used on virtually any fabric. By the time it takes to set up your ironing board and heat up your iron you could already be done steaming your garment. Save yourself time and energy by investing in a steamer; prices start as low as $20 for a portable travel-size steamer and can also be very affordable for a full-size model.

2. Fashion Tape

Also known as wardrobe, lingerie, or dress tape, double-stick fashion tape is a small, affordable fashion “must have”. You may even be surprised to learn of its many uses. Fashion tape allows you to quickly secure an unraveling hem or a floppy jacket lapel. It can be used to keep clothing items in place, such as preventing a plunging neckline or gaps between blouse buttons from revealing ‘too much’. And it can also be used to keep finicky bra straps from slipping off your shoulders. This little fashion accessory is a miracle worker and a true lifesaver when you’re in a sticky situation as you’re on your way out the door or into a power meeting! For around the same price as a glass of wine, you’ll be glad you purchased this handy fashion saver.

3. Snag Repair Tool

A proper snag repair tool will have you believing in magic! How many items of clothing have become ruined due to snags and pilling? A snag repair tool is simply a precision tool that repairs knitted and woven garments quickly and easily. This teeny tiny useful tool will bring new life to garments new and old that have had a bad run in with a snag! As the cheapest and smallest fashion necessity you’ll have in your closet, you may even want to keep one in your purse, car, or office desk.

4. Foam Deodorant Remover

A major fashion faux pas that many of us deal with often is deodorant stains. There’s nothing more annoying than being dressed and ready to walk out the door only to notice white marks smeared across your outfit. This frustrating occurrence can easily be fixed by briskly rubbing the sponge over the smudge, no water needed! When you’re in the car on the way to work or an event and you’ve just realized you have a deodorant stain, this tool comes in handy to keep nearby when a washcloth and water aren’t available. These fashion savers are also great for removing makeup residue from your clothing.

5. Sewing Kit

The most basic essential item for clothing repair is a simple sewing kit. Some of us own sewing machines, which can be a great thing to have! But many of us need to rely on the quick, old-school method of hand sewing. We’ve all found ourselves with at least one of these common problems: a loose or missing button; an unraveling hem; a pair of pants in need of a hemming; a blouse strap that needs to be shortened; a waistband that needs to be tightened. These minor fashion fixes probably occur more often than you put in the time to repair them. Keeping a small sewing kit on hand provides you with all the items needed to conveniently fix these issues.

Sewing Kit

Are you familiar with any of these items? You may already own one or two of them. Are there any that you haven’t thought of or didn’t even know existed? Trust us, these fashion-saving items will make your life so much easier! You can practically purchase all these items for less than you’re likely to spend on lunch today and they’re all available at many popular retailers and online for easy ordering. They’ll help you time and time again and they’re convenient for keeping at home, in the car, or when you’re traveling. Be sure to add these items to your closet and you’ll find that they’ll save you time, energy, and headaches in the future. Tell us – What’s in your closet that you can’t live without??