Clothing speaks before you do. It’s human nature to make a quick judgment about someone upon first appearance. Even those of us who have been taught to not judge a book by its cover can’t help but to quietly assume someone else’s values, work ethic, personality traits, and probable lifestyle.

Imagine how we view people in uniform. We might view a police officer as stoic, brave, or stern. A farmer could be seen as humble, hardworking, and down to earth…literally. Thinking of any other professionals now? I bet you can decide what kind of person a teacher, real estate agent, or construction worker is just by a first impression. Now you might be imagining how others view you!

First impressions are not reserved for job interviews and business meetings alone. It’s important to always be on top of your game no matter where you go or who you’re around. Why? Because first impressions are everywhere! You truly never really know when and where you’ll meet a potential new client, friend, or even your next boss.

Fortunately, there is no need to put forth job-interview-effort when choosing everyday outfits. If you create a wardrobe that suits your body and lifestyle, dressing to impress will be truly effortless.

Make your first impression before you even speak. Here’s how to do it:

1. Mind your posture

Project confidence by standing and sitting up straight. Walk with purpose and keep your head up, chin parallel with the ground. Good posture is important for first impressions because you can either radiate confidence or appear to be insecure. Whether you’re walking into a board meeting or walking into the gym, be mindful of your posture and what your body language may be expressing. Body language can tell others how you feel about yourself, so show them you love and respect yourself just the way you are.

2. Be comfortable in your clothing

In order to appear confident and capable, it’s important to be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Being comfortable can make you feel more empowered and that will translate to how you make first impressions. Make sure your clothing fits your body the way it should. Clothing that is too loose can come off as a bit sloppy, while clothing that’s too tight can look inappropriate. If your clothing doesn’t fit you perfectly, get it tailored to suit your body. The investment in properly fitting clothes is well worth it when you look and feel your best. Not to mention, once tailored properly, you’ll be able to start wearing all the ill-fitting clothing you’ve neglected to wear since you bought it.

3. Represent your profession

Your clothing should always be appropriate to the setting you’re in. Keep your look neat and tailored no matter the occasion. It’s just as important to look tidy in the grocery store as it is at work. Remember that your clothing represents you, your status, and the company you work for. Decide what your “uniform” should be to represent what you do. Should your signature style be conservative like a banker or super chic like a master hair stylist? Especially if you want to establish yourself in your field, your outfits will let others know what kind of work you do.

4. Make a statement

Choose to show the world who you are with the clothing you wear. Wear styles that flatter your body and colors that compliment your skin tone. One of the best things about building a wardrobe is showcasing your personality with it. Your clothing says a lot about you, so use it to show off elements of your personality. Bright accessories, bold handbags, and stylish prints can give others a first impression they aren’t likely to forget. But it’s also okay to make a more subtle statement with understated style to portray a more reserved look. The important thing to remember is, be true to you make the statement that you want to make.

Lastly, remember to mind your head to your toes. Make appropriate makeup choices and don’t forget that people notice your shoes.

Need some styling advice?

Are you still not sure how to properly make a statement or represent yourself with your clothes? If you need some advice in styling your wardrobe to make a killer first impression every time, I’m here to help! Reach out and let’s get your wardrobe first-impression ready!