14 Aug 2019
August 14, 2019

How to Build a Wardrobe for Each New Season

Each season brings forth new energy and excitement about getting last year’s clothes out of storage. Suddenly, everything feels brand new again! Or, does it? Well, it should if each season’s wardrobe is properly prepared in advance. Rotating clothing for the change of seasons can be an easy process if you know how to do it and have the right help.

The benefits of seasonal wardrobe rotations:

  1. You’ll get inspired by clothes you already own.
  2. Periodic inspections of clothing keep you from having a cluttered closet.
  3. You’ll be forced to consider getting rid of ill–fitting, outdated items and make room for new clothes that make you look and feel great.
  4. There will be fewer items in your closet, which means that it will be easier to dress every day.
Here’s how to evaluate, rotate and pare down your wardrobe for each new season:

Step 1: Evaluate Each Item

For each article of clothing in your closet, ask yourself if there is a purpose for each item. There should be a purpose for every piece of clothing you are keeping (e.g. for work, leisure, special events, etc.) or else it is just clutter and it needs to be donated. If you don’t have a purpose for the clothing, let it go.

Next up, ask yourself if you actually like each piece of clothing. Tastes change and so do trends, if you aren’t in love with an item, donate it. You aren’t likely to wear it if you don’t love it.

Do all of the items in your wardrobe fit well? If it doesn’t fit or feel comfortable, set it aside. Anything that doesn’t fit can either be donated or altered.

Lastly, donate or toss any clothing or accessories that aren’t in great condition.

Step 2: Sort Through the Seasons

There will be three categories of clothing to sort through: the incoming season, the outgoing season, and the season–less items. Choose the outgoing season’s items that you wish to keep and then prepare them for storage.

Before you put every piece of the previous season’s clothing into storage, take a few minutes to consider the following: Donation Box

  • Do you still like the piece?
  • Does it still fit well?
  • Is it too worn for another season?
  • Do you think you’ll wear it again next year?

Use these deciding factors to keep or donate the outgoing season’s clothing and you’ll save yourself time and aggravation when pulling out your clothes a year later. The change of seasons is the best time to let go and make room for the new.

Step 3: The Incoming Season’s Rotation

Once you get your incoming season’s clothing out of storage, it’s time to reintroduce it into your wardrobe.

While you spend the effort to bring out next season’s pieces, consider a few of these questions:

  • Is the item in perfect condition?
  • Do you like wearing it?
  • Do you need any additional items to pair with the piece?

Wardrobe ReviewStep 4: Decide What You Actually Need

Now you have evaluated each item based on its condition, purpose, and wear-ability. You have also sorted your clothing by seasons. However, you may still have some questions:

  • What kind of pieces are you missing?
  • Are there gaps in your seasonal wardrobes?
  • What’s on trend for upcoming seasons?

Need more help?

Building a wardrobe can be a daunting task, but the easiest time to do it is when the seasons are changing. You’re likely to already be in your closet, rotating out one season’s items for the next. While you’re at it, it’s a smart choice to build the perfect wardrobe for the season and to prepare last season’s wardrobe for next year (you’ll be happy you did).

It will be fall before we know it. Now is the time to be taking your fall clothing out of storage and to consider how you can reintroduce it into your wardrobe. You will also want to do a review of your summer items before packing them up until next year.

I’ve given you the steps to build your wardrobe for each new season, but I understand that it may still sound like an overwhelming process, or perhaps you simply don’t have the time or don’t want to do it. If you need additional help, that’s what I’m here for! I can help you decide what goes and what stays, how to pair clothing, revive clothing, and how to set you up with a perfect wardrobe for every season. Call or email to set up an appointment!