“I feel like I’m constantly buying new clothes and I still feel like I have nothing to wear.”

“I typically wear the same outfits week after week.”

“I feel overwhelmed when shopping for new clothes.”

“I have so much trouble creating new, fresh outfits from what I have to choose from.”

Sound familiar?

The conundrum: a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. It’s all too common. So, how can we fix a problem like this and have plenty of clothes to choose from, shop smarter (without the dread) and always feel like we have a fresh mix of classics and on-trend clothes?

If we focus on keeping classics and adding in a few new trends each season then we can accomplish putting together a functional wardrobe that will last – timeless yet different each season.


Build the Basics

Classics in neutral colors will never go out of style. The bulk of your wardrobe should come from classics. This way, you always have a solid foundation of clothing to wear, no matter the trends nor the season. Pieces like button-down cotton shirts, solid-colored tank tops, little black dresses, cashmere sweaters, black slacks, and blue jeans are classics that never go out of style.

Choose a few of each of these basic pieces in neutral colors. A neutral color palette will give you the option of building a variety of outfits from just the basics. You can mix-and-match separates, layer additional pieces, and add accessories to create a variety of different outfits.

Layers on Layers

Next, focus on layers. Keep these classic and neutral too. Denim jackets, camel trenches, leather jackets, and cardigans are some good layers to add. Again, these can be added to neutral outfit basics when the weather gets cool or simply to make outfits more interesting.

Functional Shoes

Shoes can change the whole look of an outfit. Be sure to choose shoes in neutral colors that will be a functional part of your wardrobe… and lifestyle. Some basics to consider include neutral-colored pumps, casual sneakers, tall boots, flats, and sandals. Having timeless shoes on-hand will always lead to a perfect match for your classic outfit choices.

Add Accessories

Curating a collection of timeless accessories will allow you to easily match your accentuating pieces to any outfit. Accessories like classic-printed scarves, neutral-colored handbags, leather belts, and simple jewelry will add a timeless finishing touch to any look.


A wardrobe without some trends can become a tad boring. Trends elevate our outfits, giving our classic pieces that little bit of extra umph to turn them into new and interesting outfits each season.

But don’t start your shopping trip seeking out the hottest trends. If you start buying trends first, things get messy. You buy too much, you will end up with too many outdated pieces, and not everything will match. This is where wardrobe trouble starts and it is quite literally a closet full of (trendy) clothes and nothing to wear. This is why it’s important to build up a wardrobe of classics first. Once you build the foundation for your wardrobe, adding trends is simple and easy.

Trends are fun and allow you to experiment with your unique style, but they aren’t the building blocks of a functional wardrobe. So, add them as individual pieces to your classic looks, like through the use of an in-style print, a statement-making accessory, or on-trend pops of color.

If you have a closet full of basics in neutral colors that you can layer, you will always have enough to wear. Adding on-trend pieces will boost your personal style and help you to mix-and-match, creating unique looks with each new season.

Need more help?

If you aren’t sure where to start, I completely get it. You aren’t alone! Strategically building a wardrobe is some work and it can be overwhelming. This is what I do – I can help you build a working wardrobe of basics, sprinkled with season trends that fit your style. Our Carlisle and ETCETERA collections make this easy; each include both basics and seasonal trend pieces. Call or email me and we can set up an appointment that works for your schedule.