13 Nov 2019
November 13, 2019

Fashion Trends: Love Them or Leave Them?

Your Ultimate Guide for Deciding Which Fashion Trends Will Work for You

Are you a trend chaser or a trend avoider? What thoughts inevitably come up when you hear the word “trend’? If trends are working for you, I would never challenge you to leave them. Of course, fashion is meant to be playful and fun. But, if you are a trend chaser familiar with the cycle of buying clothes, neglecting them and ending up with a closet full of “nothing to wear”, then this article could be your saving grace.

If you avoid trends completely, you could be missing out on some exciting new ways to showcase your personal style. The following tips will help you embrace changing trends in a way that doesn’t intimidate or fill up your closet with trends you won’t wear in six months’ time.

Trends come with the seasons and we sometimes have a love/hate relationship with them. You see a new trend made popular by a celebrity, you buy it, wear it once, and then never again. Sound familiar? So, how can you know whether to embrace a new trend or to let it be? Trends can be a fun way to experiment with fashion and self-expression. They can also be challenging to fit into our current wardrobe if our goal is to create longevity with our clothing.

Here’s how to decide whether to welcome a new trend or to leave it on the rack – The next time you’re tempted to try a trend, ask yourself the following questions:

Will the trend seamlessly fit into my current wardrobe?

We want to create and maintain a fluid wardrobe that works well as a whole unit. A wardrobe works best when we can step into our closet and easily choose an outfit, for any event or situation. Wardrobes should be cohesive. If the trend is the opposite of anything you typically wear or if you would have trouble pairing it with your current clothes to make an outfit, then don’t buy it. However, some trends can be easily worn and introduced into your wardrobe; these are the trends you’ll want to invest in. You will be more likely to wear a trend that easily aligns with your current wardrobe.

Is the trend classic or ostentatious?

Some trends are classics that come and go over the years. Classic trends include prints, colors, and fabrics. For example, you’ll notice prints such as stripes and florals pop up over the years, then disappear, and then reappear over time. With a classic trend, you will never look back at old photos and wonder, “What was I thinking?”. It’s the best of both worlds: you get to wear something on-trend and you can wear it for seasons to come.

But how do you differentiate between a classic trend and one that’s ostentatious? The classic trends tend to be more subtle, like a hot color or a popular fabric. While an ostentatious trend is meant to make a statement, such as unique styling. Some trends we’re seeing this fall are satin, shades of purple, and bike shorts paired with blazers. Items in purple or satin might be safe bets to add to your closet, but what about bike shorts with blazers? If this trendy look is a far stretch from your personal style than it may not be for you. However, if you’re a statement-maker, then give it a try! If not, try a more classic trend so you’re still dressing in a current fashion.

Some trends are merely showy and may be popular for a season but won’t stick around as effortless classic trends do. Ask yourself if a certain trend will be worth buying for the long-term goals of your closet.

Does the trend flatter my figure?

Trends might look fabulous on a model, celebrity, or even a friend, but will the trend flatter your own unique body type? Wearing clothing that flatters your body is important for your confidence and for creating a wardrobe that excites you every day. You want everything in your closet to comfortably fit and flatter your curves and body type. If it doesn’t fit in a way that makes you look and feel wonderful, then leave it. Comfort and confidence trump a trend every time.

Does this trend work with my personal style?

Okay, here’s where I can help. A lot of women don’t know how to define their personal style. If you can categorize the way you dress in a couple of words, you will have a template to consider for all your future clothing purchases. You will be able to easily decide what works best for you and your lifestyle, including colors, fits, fabrics, and more. Building a wardrobe is suddenly easier. This step can be especially trying, but an extra opinion from a stylist can be a huge help. Want to define your personal style and make your wardrobe work for you? It’s my specialty! And I always welcome calls or emails if you have questions.