Red is one of the most manipulative, dominant, and effective colors. Red is naturally occurring in nature, and cavemen wrote in red on cave walls. Fruit is the ripest when it’s red and many are used as precursors to romance. Red is an important color in many cultures, signifying energy, prosperity, good luck and more. Red is the color of our blood, the life force in us. Vivid shades of red are reminders of power, sex, and dominance.

Countless studies show that men and women are perceived to be more attractive and sexy when wearing red. Red roses are associated with romantic love, red sheets signal passion, and flushed red cheeks mean robust health and good circulation. The color red has no choice but to evoke emotion from us.

So, what happens when we wear red?

You’ll get noticed! There is no doubt that red influences our feelings. Both humans and primates respond to red in a primal way. In the animal kingdom, red is a sign of dominance and humans see red the same way, in many cases. If you want to get noticed in the office, on a night out, or anytime really – wear red. Even just subtle red accessories or red lipstick will do the trick! Red can be a very empowering color if you want to feel more confident, sexy, or in charge.

Is red flattering for everyone?

Good news! Red is universally flattering on everyone, go ahead and feel good about wearing it.

There are more than enough reasons to wear red but what about red’s lighter counterpart, pink?

In essence, pink is just a calmer, lighter hue of red, which means it signals many of the emotions that red does, but more subtly. Like red’s little sister, pink is the ultra-feminine color that is associated with love and romance. It’s also a cue for compassion, kindness, and nurturance. Different shades of pink can predict behavior. Light pink is known to be very calming and it is even used to calm prison inmates. Hot pink, on the other hand, is vibrant, creative, and full of life.

CASCADE Wrap-Front Dress from ETCETERA Spring

What happens when we wear pink?

Pink is flirty, refreshing, fun, and joyful. Pink is the most “feminine” color, which stems from little girl’s toys being made in pink for decades. Pink is youthful and vibrant. Depending on what shade of pink you choose, the color can influence people’s opinion of you. Light and medium pinks show the world that you are sweet, kind, happy, and nurturing. Hot pink and deep pinks can be construed as creative, euphoric, and vivacious. Again, just wearing pink accessories can do the trick. If pink isn’t a color you’d typically wear, remember that there are several shades of pink. Check below for a quick guide to which one will look the best on you.

What shade of pink is best for your skin tone?

  • Warm undertones: Raspberry, coral, and peach
  • Neutral undertones: Deep pink, amaranth, and rose
  • Cool undertones: Carnation pink, purple-pink, and hot pink

More good news: Blush is another universally flattering tone. No matter your skin tone, blush looks good on everyone!

The Spring Collections of Carlisle and Etcetera are Brimming with Pink and Red Options

If you want to add more powerful colors and prints to your wardrobe this season, check out the newest collections from Carlisle and Etcetera. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and so is spring, so now is the perfect time to add more red and pink to your closet. If you need any help with choosing pieces or deciding which shades to pick, I am always here to lend an honest opinion.