Why Lots of Luxe?

The Carlisle CollectionAt Lots of Luxe, we strive to provide our clients with a shopping experience and service beyond what you receive in a traditional retail setting.

We work with our clients on a one-to-one basis by appointment only, allowing us to listen to you, determine fit, solve fit issues and assist you in determining which wardrobe piece(s) would serve you best for your lifestyle needs.

Whether you shop Carlisle | Per Se or ETCETERA, our goal is to provide each client with the Finest Fabrics, Fabulous Fit, and Superior Service with every purchase.

FINEST FABRIC (and construction)

Quality fabrics from top designer mills that have an extraordinary “hand,” are year-round, perfect for travel, and easily recognized by the most fashion-conscious people in the business. Garment construction and dressmaker detailing include pattern matching, custom buttons, gimp thread and worked buttonholes, finished seaming, and much more.

With fabulous fabrics and quality construction, you will have a wardrobe with longevity and not a closet full of “one-season-only” garments.


We are continuously trained on how to:

  • Measure and provide you with a “custom-fitting” garment.
  • How to determine the best fit for you.
  • How to adjust and handle fit issues.

Also, we work with a professional tailor, who along with our expertise, assures you get that fabulous fit!

ETCETERA with Melrose Fisher


  • Shopping by private appointment allows us to concentrate on you, therefore, saving you time. Two or three appointments per year and you can have your seasonal wardrobe ready for all work, event(s), vacation, and leisure activities. We help you determine capsules for when you’re traveling; possibly eliminating the need to check a bag. When you put on your Carlisle | Per Se, Etcetera you will have all the pieces to give you a “pulled-together” look allowing you to face the day with confidence and positive self-esteem.
  • Lots of Luxe Studio is conveniently located – You never have to circle the mall parking lot, ever again.
  • At Lots of Luxe studio, you won’t find mall quality items. Our products are made to last and be unique.
  • Returns and exchanges are handled for you.
  • We get to know you. We’ll learn your likes, dislikes, and needs for the upcoming season.
  • Our records of your purchases and our understanding of you will ensure that each time you buy an item, it works with previous purchases so we can build a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle.
  • Impulse buying is avoided when shopping with us; therefore, you avoid having articles of clothing hanging in your closet with tags on them season after season. A money-saver for sure.
  • We help you make wise decisions regarding what you need, what you will wear, and what will work with prior purchases.

We are in the business of dressing the best with the best and do so in an honest, enjoyable, and non-threatening environment. Because both of our luxury product lines are sold by direct selling, it allows both Carlisle | Per Se and Etcetera to eliminate the “middleman” which in turn eliminates that added expense the traditional boutiques add into the price of a garment to pay for the brick and mortar storefront.

Visit Lots of Luxe today for a shopping experience with highly trained, honest, professional, and fun personal stylists!