No woman is born knowing how to wear makeup that perfectly complements her outfits. And believe me, there are rules for how it’s done. Now, “rules” imply finite yes and no directions, but I use the term rules more as “guidelines” for how you can look your absolute best. They aren’t meant to be limiting,.. read more →

Are you ready to try some new things from the fall/winter fashion offerings? Whether you sample one item or several, there are some tantalizing treats to choose from. Here’s a sample menu of what’s available to you. 1. I want to draw your attention to the different shades of green. Are there fifty shades? I.. read more →

23 Aug 2017
August 23, 2017

Choosing the Right Lipstick Color

We have discovered But First, Coffee a blog by Kallie Branciforte. She’s done a beautiful job of explaining how to choose the right lipstick color for your skin tone. We love what she’s done and know that you will, too. We’ve added most of the content of her blog here for your convenience only. Please.. read more →